GON September 2022 Issue

GON Staff | August 31, 2022

September 2022: Vol. 36, No. 9

Deer season is here! We are blessed with plenty of deer—not to mention big bucks and a long season. Be safe, and enjoy!

Cover Photo By Tommy Kirkland


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September Feature Articles

Is Hunting With Traditional Bows For You?
Passionate about traditional, archers talk why they love it.

What To Expect If CWD Hits Georgia
Chronic Wasting Disease is now confirmed in Alabama and Tennessee. What can Georgians expect if it’s found here? 

Georgia’s Best Bow-Bucks
Fantastic season as archers book 83 record-class bow-bucks. 

Wendell Duncan Wins Truck In Shoot-Out
End-of-season buck got him in the Truck-Buck Shoot-Out.

Catch Early Fall Bass In The Water Willow
This shallow grass holds baitfish, bream—and lots of bass.

Public-Land Bowhunting Special
Detailed stats and deer harvest data for state public archery areas. 

Youth Big-Buck Contest Shoot-Out Results
Wyatt Coleman wins the grand-prize $3,000 shopping spree and an outdoor weekend.

Lake Eufaula September Bass Mapped
Joe Durham Jr. sets the pattern with 10 GPS locations.

Whitetail Hunting At Its Simplest And Best
Daryl Gay reflects on his 45 years in the deer woods.

Bow Season Scouting Reports
GON’s Hunt Advisor team reports on food sources statewide.

Deer Tracking Dog List
Blood trail petering out? These dogs can get it done.

Aim For The Exit
Shooting a deer in a hunting situation is way different than 3D.

Fall Fiction Series: “Coming Of Age”
Part 2: Growing Pains

County-By-County Bowhunter Rankings
Top bow-bucks listed for Georgia counties.


September 2022 News

Ag-Pro Outdoor Blast Set For 2023

Rattlesnake 20 Feet Off The Ground In Treestand Seat

Truck-Buck Contest Is Back With More Than $75,000 In Prizes!

Youth Big-Buck Contest Set For 2022-2023 Georgia Deer Season

Briefly Outdoor News: Bussey Point Deer Hunts, Where’s GON, Subscriber Number Changes

Truck-Buck Contest 2022-2023 Official Rules

Truck-Buck Contest Entry Form For Mailed Entries

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories
20 Years Ago: Georgia’s Rake And Rattle Bucks
10 Years Ago: Catch Your Own Seafood Platter

September 2022 Departments

Letters To The Editor

Hunter’s Journal: First-Time WMA Hunt Results In Nice Buck

Wild In The Kitchen: Creamy Garlic Dove Stew

Fishing Reports

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy-Cam

Scrapbook Photos

GON Outdoor Kids: 30-30 Ministries Fall Hunting Calendar

Kids Outdoor Outpost And Word Search

Game Warden Reports: Teen Road Hunters Caught

Editorial-Opinion: Six Degrees Of Truck-Buck

Daryl Gay’s Back Page: Volleying Vocabulary

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