Georgia’s Best Bow Bucks For 2021-22

Fantastic year with 83 Book Bucks taken with bows.

Brad Gill | August 29, 2022

Kyle Goggins took time to hang out with the GON Community at the Outdoor Blast last month. While he was there, he brought the antlers of this impressive Cobb County buck. It ended up scoring 147 3/8 inches and was the seventh-best typical bow buck taken last year.

The 2021-22 deer season tallied up 83 record-book bow bucks, which continues a 4-year string of very impressive Georgia bow seasons with more than 80 record-book bucks in a season. 

Last year at this time, the 2020-21 season was reporting 93 record-book bucks, but it’s since crawled up to 108 entries. Therefore, with future entries coming for the 2021-22 season, it will likely finish out as the second-best-ever season in Georgia bowhunting history, at least in regards to the number of Pope & Young class bucks that are added to GON’s Georgia Deer Records on

The map on page 25 represents the number of P&Y bucks taken in each county. The counties in orange had at least one P&Y buck taken last year. Stephens County had its first-ever Pope & Young buck turned in, which now leaves just 14 counties without a single Pope & Young buck. 

For a complete listing of the P&Y bucks taken last season, all 83 of them are listed to the left on page 26.

In all, if you look at GON’s Georgia Deer Records at, Georgia has 1,634 Pope & Young bucks recorded. This number is a true testimony to Georgia, its hunters and the kind of bucks we’re growing in the Peach State. While it doesn’t really compare to Iowa or Illinois, Georgia is the state to hunt in the Deep South if you’re looking for the best chance to tag a mature bow buck.

To make it all even sweeter, GON continues to add photos and hunt stories online to GON’s Georgia Deer Records. This online platform amplifies what we already knew in terms of just how rich Georgia’s hunting history has become. As a GON employee, it’s neat to know we play a part of capturing this history.

If you have old photos of the bucks you see listed online, or maybe you’d like to write your story of a buck killed years ago, that’s what is for. We want you to have a place in our online record book for your great-great grandkids to look at one day. Send what you have to [email protected].

No. 69 Typical: Curtis Kitchens, Bibb County, 127 5/8 inches.

No. 75 Typical: Jacob Cook, Ben Hill County, 126 2/8 inches.

No. 29 Typical: Joseph Smith, Dooly County, 137 3/8 inches.

No. 17 Typical: Kenneth L. Rogers II, Dodge County, 140 1/8 inches.

No. 44 Typical: Richard Pratt, Crawford County, 133 2/8 inches.

No. 33 Typical: Tony Hinson, Chatham County, 136 5/8 inches.

No. 50 Typical: Wayne Wright, Gwinnett County, 131 5/8 inches.

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