Wyatt Coleman Wins GON’s Youth Shoot-Out

Adventure Outdoors, Woods-N-Water, LockedOn 360, Rugged Road Outdoors, Realtree and Georgia 4-H are the reasons GON can host an awesome youth deer contest in Georgia.

Brad Gill | August 9, 2022

Wyatt Coleman, 16, of Gay, takes his shot from the winning distance to win the GON Youth Shoot-Out on July 29.

Wyatt Coleman, 16, of Gay, collected a $3,000 shopping spree from Adventure Outdoors after winning GON’s Youth Big-Buck Contest Shoot-Out on July 29 at GON’s Outdoor Blast. In addition, Wyatt won a dream deer and hog hunting trip with Woods-N-Water outfitters in Wilkinson County. Wyatt and a parent get to stay at a remote lodge, enjoy some fun hunting and have some fantastic country cooking.

Wyatt was the only shooter who hit the Round 6 target, a mini Nilla wafer at 25 feet. That busted wafer crowned him champ.

“I just prayed I would hit that last shot, and I ended up making it. It feels real good to win the Shoot-Out,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt didn’t indicate that he was watching super close when he entered his Week 3 buck. 

“I entered it and hoped I would get lucky,” said Wyatt. “I’ve been deer hunting since I was about 6 years old and mainly just been hunting with my dad on his property. I learned to love to hunt through my life.”

Wyatt said that while he really likes deer hunting, the contest for prizes is just an added benefit to getting a really good hunting magazine and shooting a super buck.

“I read the GON usually about every morning, it’s a good magazine,” said Wyatt. “Usually when I get it, I like to look at the Spy-Cam and see all the different pictures in there.”

Wyatt didn’t waste any time collecting his $3,000 shopping spree at Adventure Outdoors. In fact, the young man left packing some pretty serious heat. He bought a Beretta APX-A1 pistol, a Beretta A300 Ultima shotgun, a Bergara Ridge hunting rifle and a Ruger AR15.

“We will always remember this experience as a wonderful blessing,” said Wyatt. “I appreciate Adventure Outdoors, Woods-N-Water, GON and all the sponsors.”

All GON Youth Shoot-Out weekly winners won a Lockedon 360 device and a cooler from Rugged Road Outdoors.

Here’s two of the four guns that Wyatt selected at Adventure Outdoors. We’re glad to see Wyatt took the family along for the fun day.

See that smile from Dale Burley (right) with Woods-N-Water? Well that’s exactly what Wyatt will be doing when he collects his three day hunting trip in Wilkinson County.


4-H Project SAFE Partners With GON

Chris Sagar was the official gun handler for the Youth Big-Buck Shoot-Out. Chris is a 4-H National Certified Rifle Instructor. Chris leads training sessions for adults who are working with youth in the various rifle programs and is the chief range officer for 4-H Target Challenge Weekend BB match. For the Youth Shoot-Out, a Daisy 499B Champion BB gun was used. It’s the same gun used across the nation in 4-H competitions. For more on the 4-H Project S.A.F.E. program, call your county extension office, or go to 

Nobody knows 4-H and BB guns like Chris Sagar. GON is fortunate to have now completed five years in a 4-H partnership for the GON Youth Shoot-Out.


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2022-23 GON Youth Big-Buck Contest Starts Sept. 10

The 2022-23 GON Youth Big-Buck Contest starts on Saturday, Sept. 10. One youth 15 years of age or younger will be back at Adventure Outdoors next year to spend $3,000 as they get outfitted for a dream hunt at Woods-N-Water. Don’t miss out on a very rare opportunity to collect really cool prizes simply for being a GON subscriber and killing a buck.

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