GON May Issue 2024

GON Staff | May 6, 2024

Vol. 38, No. 5

Summer isn’t the easiest time to trap or hunt coyotes, but in terms of having an impact to help fawns and turkey poults, it’s the best time.

Photo By Tommy Kirkland


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May Feature Articles

Altamaha River Bass Fishing
May begins a period of normal and more stable river levels, and that spurs some great bass fishing action on the Altamaha.

Sinclair Catfish From The Dock
Randy Davidson and his wife Sheila Kay prove that you don’t need to run up and the lake to catch a mess of Sinclair catfish.

Shallow Power Fishing For May Bartletts Bass
Adam Byrd bucks the trend of young bass anglers who stare at FFS screens. Adam fishes shallow and fast for May bass.

Special WMA Coyote Season Runs May 16-31
Springtime opportunity for public-land songdogs.

Truck-Buck Contest Scores
More than 200 racks were measured, and the kids stole the show!

Youth Big-Buck Contest Scores

Turkey Season Update And Gobbler Gallery
Eight pages of Georgia gobbler pictures as GON’s Hunt Advisor team reports on turkey hunting across the state.

Clarks Hill Flathead Catfish On The Rocks
Catfish big and eating-sized concentrate on rip-rap and rock in May as the cats and baitfish are spawning.

11th Annual Coyote Cull Starts Now
A record number of entries were received last year, but it’s not about numbers—it’s about raising awareness of coyote impacts.

Thunder At Prayer Rock
The conclusion to GON’s spring turkey hunting fiction story.

Southern Pine Beetle: Tiny Terror In The Forest
The size of a grain a of rice, they can devastate timber tracts.


May 2024 News

Save The Dates! Outdoor Blast Is July 26-28

12-lb. Allatoona Bass Shines Light On Stocking

Georgia Passes law To Protect Firearms Retailers & Privacy For Buyers

Product Spotlight: Ultimate Full-Strut Turkey Decoy

Gobbler Has Double Spurs On Both Legs

Super Rare Gobbler Killed In Talbot County

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories
10 Years Ago: Coyote Snatches Family Pet From Yard


May 2024 Departments

Letters To The Editor

Hunter’s Journal: 10-year-Old Writes Ossabaw Island Hunt Story

Fishing Reports

Tournament Reports & Cast For Cash Calendar

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy Cam

Scrapbook Photos

Wild In The Kitchen: Venison Sausage Jalapeno Bites 

GON Outdoor Kids: Youth Shoot-Out Kicks Off Outdoor Blast

Kids Outdoor Outpost, Word Search & GON Kid’s Calendar

Conservation Law Enforcement Corner: Ware County Poacher Banned From County


Daryl Gay’s Back Page: Folks That Matter


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