Georgia Spy Cam – May 2024

Reader Contributed | May 5, 2024

Email pictures to [email protected] and please include your name, GON subscriber number, hometown, county where the picture was taken, date, time and any interesting details for a caption.

More Foxes In The Hen House: GON subscriber Sheldon Henderson, of Blairsville, got this great trail-camera photo in Union County of a red fox with one of her young. “This is one of five kits she has,” Sheldon said. “She and her mate are wreaking havoc on the neighboring poultry.”


How Do You Like My Nubs? This little buck brought it in for a close-up. Justin Lowe got this picture back in 2019 on National Forest Land in Lumpkin County. It was taken on Sept. 10, and you can still make out the spots on this young buck’s back.


Coyotes Climb Trees, Too: A few months ago we shared a picture of a fox climbing a tree… the yotes are in on it! Chuck Partain, of Snellville, got this trail-camera picture in Rockdale County back in September of 2020.


Don’t Mind If I Do: This hog in Randolph County decided to help itself to some deer feed. Clay Thompson sent the picture, and he said some wire will be added to prevent the hogs from getting to it.


Checking Out The Offspring: Jay Bolton got this image several years ago of a velvet buck and fawn.


Bobcat Using Hand Signals: Ricky Peeples said it looks like this Hart County bobcat was wanting to signal a left turn.

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