The Ultimate Full Strut Gobbler Decoy

Montana Decoy Company is changing the game with this stand-out decoy.

Press Release | April 8, 2024

Built using Montana Decoy’s lifelike HD photo process employing only images of actual wild turkeys this decoy is a stand-out in the looks department. And like all Montana Decoys, it folds for easy portability in your vest or pack.

“As a turkey hunter I want the best tools for any situation I might encounter in the field.” said CJ Davis, president of Montana Decoy. “The new Wiley Tom 3D lets me use it as a full-bodied strutter decoy or as a standard 2D reaping decoy. “

The all new Wiley Tom 3D is built using a unique two-piece design. This allows versatility while setup is still fast and easy. Known for lightweight, realism and ease of carry, Montana Decoy has been challenging the normal approach to turkey decoys for the last few years.

The Wiley Tom 3D full-strut decoy.

 “Carrying the new Wiley Tom 3D with Miss Purrfect and Jake Purrfect in my vest lets me create a limitless number of options in my decoy set ups,” added Davis. “And I can easily carry all three.”

The Wiley Tom 3D allows hunters to use the printed fabric or add their own real turkey feathers. The use of individual feathers allows easy replacement just for the damaged ones without needing an entirely new fan. And the decoy still folds for transport with or without the feathers.

Besides folding for easy carry, the special trifold panels help protect the decoy and any real feathers that may be used-no matter if the decoy is transported in a vest or backpack. Double-sided printing means users can face the decoy directly at or away from the approaching gobbler. A folding handle for hands on use and a peep hole let the decoy adapt to any turkey hunter’s style.

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