TideWe See Through Hunting Blind Review

Brian Grossman | May 14, 2024

The inside view of the TideWe see-through hunting blind.

If you really want one of the new see-through hunting blinds on the market, but can’t justify the $400+ price tag of a Double Bull, then the TideWe Hunting Blind may be the perfect option.

In this review, I share my experience with the TideWe blind that I’ve been using for two years now, taking a detailed look at its specs, features, pros and cons, and how it compares to the alternatives.

Quick Review

If you just want the bottom line, I believe the TideWe hunting blind is the best see-through model on the market for under $200. While it may lack some features of the high-end Double Bull 270, it still offers quality construction, silent slide windows, and 270 degrees of see-through panels. And the best part is, if you buy direct from TideWe, it’s always on sale!

Outside view of the TideWe hunting blind.

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Size and Construction

The TideWe Hunting Blind is very similar in design to other five-hub portable blinds on the market. It has 58” x 58” of floor space and is 75″ x 75″ hub to hub, making it roomy enough for two to three people. It weighs just 13 pounds, which is extremely light for a blind of its size.

The blind is constructed with a tough metal hub, reinforced corners, and durable polyester fabric. The exterior of the blind features a camouflage pattern, perfect for blending into various environments.

Key Features

See-through technology

One of the reasons I was never a fan of bowhunting from a blind was because I felt my ability to see my surroundings was so limited. To avoid a deer slipping by, I had to constantly peak out windows on all four sides of the blind.

The innovative see-through technology used on the TideWe blind eliminates that issue. Even with the silent-slide windows closed (more on those below), I can still see 270 degrees around me, while remaining concealed from the outside.

Another inside view out two panels of the TideWe blind.

Silent window adjustment system

Another great feature of the TideWe hunting blind is the silent window adjustment system. In fact, this is the feature that led me to choose the TideWe blind over the similar, but more expensive, Rhino 180.

The TideWe has a large window opening that runs across all three of the see-through sides, with an adjustable upper and lower panel to the window. Both of those panels can be adjusted using the silent window adjustment system, giving you a lot of flexibility on how much you open the window, and at what height the opening is, so you can easily shoot out the opening with your gun or bow.

The back panel of the blind just has a small window with a cover that can be opened or closed for peeking out the back, as well as a door for getting in and out of the blind.

Water-resistant and durable construction

The TideWe hunting blind is made from durable and water-resistant polyester fabric, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions. The material ensures the blind stays dry during rainfall and prevents moisture from seeping in, protecting both you and your gear.

The blind material is really what separates the high-end Double Bull from less expensive models like the TideWe. The Double Bull has a much heavier textured fabric, which reduces sun glare, giving it more of a matte finish. That’s also why the Double Bull weighs nearly twice as much as the TideWe.

And while the fabric of the TideWe may not be on par with Double Bull, it’s heavier than many of the cheaper blinds on the market, and comparable to the Rhino 180.

Easy setup and takedown

Being your typical five-hub blind, setting up and breaking down the TideWe is a breeze. The blind can be assembled or taken down in a matter of minutes, allowing you to focus on your hunting experience rather than fumbling with complicated setups.


Despite its spacious interior, the TideWe hunting blind is highly portable.At 13 pounds, it’s light enough to carry over long distances without getting uncomfortable. Like most inexpensive blinds on the market, the included carrying bag isn’t the greatest, so if you plan on frequently packing it in and out, I would recommend investing in an aftermarket blind bag with dual shoulder straps, like I did.

A closeup of the silent slide window system in the TideWe blind.

Performance and Effectiveness

During my field testing, I found the TideWe hunting blind to be effective in providing concealment while maintaining visibility. The see-through technology is a game-changer, offering an unobstructed view of my surroundings without compromising my position. The spacious interior made it comfortable for extended periods, and I had no issues with noise or movement thanks to the silent window adjustment system.

The blind’s durability and weather resistance were also impressive. I left the blind out on my property for several months, and despite experiencing some heavy rains and high winds during that time, the blind remains in great shape.

There’s no doubt in my mind, if you left it out for too long, it would eventually experience color bleaching like any other blind on the market, so I don’t recommend leaving it out year round. Besides, you don’t want wasp, hornets or snakes making themselves at home in it during the off-season anyway!

Comparisons with Competitors

In comparison to other hunting blinds on the market in the sub $200 price range, the TideWe hunting blind stands out due to its unique see-through technology, silent window system, and overall quality build. While it can’t contend with the quality of the Double Bull, you have to keep in mind, you could probably buy three of the TideWes for the cost of one Double Bull.

I think the biggest competitor to the TideWe is the Rhino Blinds 180, and the silent slide window configuration on the TideWe gives it the advantage. The TideWe is cheaper, as well.

Opening the zippered door on the TideWe see through blind.

Pros and Cons


  • Innovative see-through technology offers unmatched visibility and concealment.
  • Silent window adjustment system gives you maximum flexibility in adjusting the windows, and it does so quietly.
  • Water-resistant and durable construction to withstand various weather conditions.
  • Easy and quick setup and takedown.
  • Lightweight and portable design with a carrying case.


  • The blind’s material isn’t up to par with the Double Bull.
  • The door uses a zipper, which can be noisy getting in and out of, especially in the quiet predawn hours.

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Your Feedback

Do you have a TideWe see through hunting blind? If so, we’d love to hear your experiences with the blind in the comments below.

If you have questions about the TideWe blind that weren’t answered in this review, feel free to drop those in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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