GON February 2020 Issue

GON Staff | February 3, 2020


Oconee Crappie, Pushing For February Slabs
Guide Doug Nelms and Jimmy Brantley of Jiffy Jigs detail Lake Oconee’s awesome action for big prespawn crappie.  

The Georgia WMA Turkey-Hunting Special
The public-land gobbler harvest is still dropping, but some areas are definitely better than others. Here’s the statewide WMA data.

The Whaley Way For February Bass On Russell
10 GPS locations for Lake Russell bass with Trad Whaley.

“Dream Buck Poached As I Watch”
A hunter waits for a suburban buck to move into bow range, only to watch in horror as the buck is shot by a trespasser.

Truck-Buck Contest Coverage
The end of the season produces great bucks in Weeks 14-17.  

GON’s Youth Big-Buck Contest
Every kid in our youth contest makes the magazine with their picture. Here’s the coverage from Weeks 14-17.

VOTES And Rate Your Deer Season Results
Deer hunters give the season a “Good” rating. Turkey hunters mull new regs to bring back turkey numbers, and north Georgia dove hunters prefer more early season dates.

GON’s Lake & River Records
Lots of new listings as GON’s records go online and anglers set ‘benchmark’ records to establish new marks to shoot for.


New Regions For LED, Fisheries & Game

Legislative Update: An Eye On The Gun Bills

New Book Compiles Glen Solomon Stories

Truck-Buck Scoring Events Feb. 8, Feb. 15

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories 
30 Years Ago: Allatoona Lake Record Hybrid;
Emory Tribble Wins Truck In Hilsman’s Deer Cooler Contest;
First Goose Season Includes Poaching Drama
20 Years Ago: Hunters Lose Ossabaw Island WMA Turkey And Duck Hunts;
Colquitt County Booner Hit By Truck
10 Years Ago: Wildlife In Mind Hinge Cutting;
World Record Largemouth From Japan



Fishing Reports

Wild In The Kitchen: Tomato Gravy Quail

Hunter’s Journal

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy-Cam


GON Outdoor Kids: GA Bass Nation Eufaula Results

Kids Outdoor Outpost February 2020

Game Warden Reports


Daryl Gay’s Back Page

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