New Regions For LED, Game Management And Fisheries

Each DNR agency will now operate with six regions that all have the same boundaries.

GON Staff | February 2, 2020

Many sportsmen probably never knew the specifics of the region boundaries for DNR’s Law Enforcement Division (LED) and the regions for WRD’s Game Management and Fisheries Sections.

The three entities have operated under different region alignments. Law Enforcement and Game Management both had seven regions, but the boundaries were different, while Fisheries operated with just five regions.

Now there’s a new plan for regions that could make operations more efficient and less costly, and at least the region maps will be coordinated and consistent. The new plan is for all three to operate under six regions, and they will all have the same region alignments (see the map below).

LED was the first to consider a new region map. The Director of LED, Col. Thomas Barnard, recently told a group representing Georgia’s conservation organizations that the region reorganization is an effort to streamline services and manpower.

It used to be that officers had to go to region offices to file reports and for administrative work. Now it’s all done by computers. They can file reports from their vehicles in the field, he said.

One fewer region office for LED means less administration needs, and that should translate to more officers in the field serving sportsmen and the public, rather than personnel needed to staff an office.

Here’s the new region alignment for DNR’s Law Enforcement Division (LED). Previously there were seven LED regions. The Game Management and Fisheries sections of WRD will also go to six regions that mirror this map.

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