Final Truck-Buck Scoring Date For 2019-2020 Deer Season

If you entered a buck in GON's Truck-Buck Contest or the Youth Big Buck Contest, to compete for prizes the rack must be measured Feb. 8 in Tifton or Feb. 15 in Madison.

GON Staff | February 1, 2020

The final chance to get a rack measured for the Truck-Buck contest is Saturday, Feb. 14. Racks must be checked-in at the GON office by 12 noon, or they won’t be eligible. Only bucks entered during this deer season will be measured at the scoring event.

Killing a nice buck is a celebration-worthy event, making lifelong memories for the hunter and for family and friends. For GON members, those memories and celebrations get extended and enhanced through the Truck-Buck Contest and the Youth Big-Buck Contest.

Getting the buck is the main event, for sure, but the GON big-buck contests are a great bonus. If you killed a buck this season and have it entered in the GON contests, an entrant’s rack must be measured by certified measurers during one of two GON scoring events. During these events, we have official, certified Boone & Crockett measurers who will tackle the task of measuring hundreds of racks during those two days.

The highest net score for each week of the Truck-Buck Contest and the Youth Big-Buck Contest earns those hunters a spot in the Shoot-Outs at next July’s GON Ag-Pro Outdoor Blast. If you don’t show up for one of those two events, you are not eligible to compete for prizes.

If you don’t think your buck has a chance to win a week, and you aren’t planning to attend a Truck-Buck scoring event, you can go ahead and get your buck mounted and get it measured for county records. But you won’t be eligible for prizes in the contests unless you bring the unmounted rack/skull plate to one of the two GON scoring events in Tifton or Madison in February.

Getting a rack measured outside of the contests to get it included in GON’s county records is much less restrictive than the scoring events—there is no deadline or time frame, and you can get a full mount measured for county records. Simply contact a certified measurer, set up an appointment that’s convenient for both of you, and then email a digital photo of your official score sheet to GON.

To get a rack measured for county records (not the contests), here’s a full list of certified scorers and info on the process.

There are some strict rules for the scoring events, so please read on if you have a buck entered and plan to attend a GON scoring event.

Any hunter with a buck entered in this season’s contest is invited to have the rack officially scored either in Tifton on Feb. 8 or in Madison on Feb. 15. These scoring events are only for bucks entered this season in the contests.

During both scoring event dates, racks can be dropped off from 9 a.m. until noon. No racks will be accepted after the noon deadline. We’ve had hunters run up to the check-in desk at 12:05 p.m., and we have to turn them away. Regardless of flat tires, traffic on the interstate, etc., there are no exceptions to the noon deadline.

It is impossible to give racks back in any order based on when they were dropped off. We wish this process worked like the Chick-Fil-A drive-through, but that’s impossible. Also, we absolutely cannot accommodate special circumstances like a ball game, wedding, etc. and usher a rack through the process more quickly. Please plan on dropping the rack off and finding a way to kill three or four hours before coming back to the check-in desk. Please bring patience!

All racks must be picked up at a time specified the day of the event—we won’t have a general sense of that pick-up deadline until we see how many racks are showing up.

Completed mounts won’t be measured for Truck-Buck—we’re not trying to be difficult in making y’all wait, but we simply don’t have the space for hundreds of mounts during the scoring events. Bring just the skull-plate with rack attached. European mounts are OK, but measurers aren’t responsible for damage to fragile areas that are common on European mounts. Again, no mounted heads will be measured during the GON contest scoring events. Racks with split skull plates cannot be scored.

We will measure velvet racks, and the velvet is not required to be stripped for GON‘s contests. Also, we will measure European mounts, however that’s at the hunter’s risk—those mounts can be fragile and they will be handled extensively in the scoring process.

Entrants are not required to deliver or retrieve their racks in person. However, if the person retrieving the rack is someone other than the entrant, when the rack is picked up they must show their picture ID and a letter signed by the entrant saying who is picking up the rack. Everyone picking up a rack will be asked to show photo ID.

About a week after the Madison scoring event, we will know who the weekly winners are, but those winners will be required to take polygraph exams before competing in the Shoot-Out and earning contest prizes.

Directions to the Tifton event: From I-75 take exit 64. Take Hwy 41 north (west of I-75) 0.2 miles, and take the first left on RDC Road. The Conference Center is on the left.

Directions to GON: From I-20 take the Madison/Hwy 441 exit, and go south 6 miles. Turn left at Seven Islands Road. GON is less than 1 mile on the left at 4331 Seven Islands Road, Madison. At the intersection of Bethany Church Road and Seven Islands Road.

Email [email protected] with questions about the scoring event or getting a buck measured for GON‘s county records.

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