GON December 2022 Issue

GON Staff | November 30, 2022

December 2022: Vol. 36, No. 12

Imagine this giant 16-point at 7 yards!  Terry Hollis made the chip shot count on this Gwinnett County buck.

Photo By  Chandler White


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December Feature Articles

Time To Move For Late Season Deer
As the rut wanes, still-hunting slowly and with some skillful tactics can be a great late-season option.

Five Lures For Winter Bass
These five baits will have you covered for December fishing.

Buck From 1946 Makes The GA Deer Records
Gilmer County buck demonstrates that GON’s county rankings aren’t just for deer killed recently.

Satilla River Specks In December
Winter months can provide hot action for Satilla crappie. 

Endless Antlers: Truck-Buck Contest Coverage
November magic as Weeks 6-9 hit during prime buck movement.

Statewide Deer Hunting Reports
GON’s Hunt Advisor team reports from across the state. A look at how the rut went—and is still going—plus December tactics. 

GON’s Youth Big-Buck Contest
The kids are killing some Big ’Uns this season!

Lineside Stocking In Georgia
WRD’s striped bass and hybrid stocking program vital for anglers.

Fall Fiction Series: “Coming Of Age”
Part 5 — The Gift Continues: The end of another season is on the horizon. Will Creekzilla finally meet his match?

Seminole Bass In Deep Holes Near Grass Edges
Guide Chris Taylor marks a map and sets a pattern to catch big numbers and some big-sized bass in December.


December 2022 News

Hunt Regulation Meetings Set For January

Avian Flu Hits Birds Across Georgia

Freakish, Massive Velvet Rack Covers Buck’s Eyes

Truck-Buck, Youth Contest Scoring Events 

UGA Football Players Get Other Athletes Outdoors

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories
30 Years Ago: Hunter Survives Tornado
38 Years Ago: Georgia’s Stolen Boone & Crockett


December 2022 Departments

Letters To The Editor

Hunter’s Journal: Son, Daughter Both Get First Deer On Same Day

Wild In The Kitchen: Wild Hog Ribs

Fishing Reports

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy-Cam

Scrapbook Photos

GON Outdoor Kids: The Way Jug Fishing Used To Be

Kids Outdoor Outpost And Word Search

Game Warden Reports

Editorial-Opinion: “We Can Skin A Buck…” Country Boy Survival Mode

Daryl Gay’s Back Page: Looking At It My Way

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