GON November 2019 Issue

GON Staff | October 30, 2019


Find And Hunt The “Deer Pockets”
Public or private land, deer move during the day in certain areas.

Bluff Bank Bass On Bartletts Ferry
Dennis Hudson marks 10 locations for November bass.

Georgia Duck Hunting Forecast
Overall ducks are down, but wood duck numbers look good.

Kayak Fishing The Quiet Tributaries
Kayaks open a new world to bass that stay shallow all year.

The Story Of “The Hatton Buck”
The 38-point, 400-lb. Monroe Co. giant is one of Georgia’s best.

Rutting Action: Reports From The Deer Woods
Hunt Advisor Team provides reports from across the state.

Dodge PFA Bass Crushing Shad
Everybody’s deer hunting. Anglers, come get you some!  

Thinking Trappers Find Greater Success
Stop and think before activating that newfangled trapping advice.

Big Bucks In Truck-Buck Archery & Youth Weeks
Lots of smiling hunters with impressive Georgia bucks. 

Inshore Action In Small Boats
You don’t need twin Yamahas to find great saltwater fishing. 

GON’s Fall Fiction: Part 4 of 5
Duncan Dobie brings us the story of the ‘Coon Dog Cemetery’ Hunting Club, when modern-day deer hunting got its start.

A Quest For Georgia Quail
Lots of money and effort is spent to bring back this diminutive but very important bird on Georgia’s landscape.

Hunting Deer During A Georgia Drought
Dry conditions change the deer patterns, but some hunters continue with the same strategies. Successful hunters adapt.


WMA Bear Dogging Hunts In GA Mountains

Georgia Duck Season Dates

Alligator Gallery: Lots Of Successful Hunters

Copperhead Bites WMA Bowhunter

GON Youth Big-Buck Contest

Snakehead Fish Found In Gwinnett County

Wild In The Kitchen: Squirrels And Gravy

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories 
30 Years Ago: First Georgia Park Hosts Deer Hunt
Wheeler County’s Only Boone & Crockett
20 Years Ago: Wilkinson County Drop-tine Buck Dies In Kaolin Pool
Big Buck Tangle
Tribute To A Ranger
10 Years Ago: Rattlesnake Bite Kills Hunter
Rut Tricks To Get Close To Mature Bucks



Fishing Reports

Hunter’s Journal

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy-Cam


Game Warden Reports


Daryl Gay’s Back Page

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