Letters To The Editor – November 2019

Reader Contributed | November 1, 2019

Reader Suggests The Only Good Rattlesnake Is A… 

Dear GON,

Just dropping you another note of thanks. This time to Daryl Kirby regarding the excellent editorial in the new October edition.

I have been a loyal subscriber for years, and sure there are articles on subject matter of which I don’t participate or care for, but they are unbiased and always informative just the same.

On the other hand, there is always a wealth of information on sports and events that I do participate in and enjoy. 

GON always presents a good selection of articles across the hunting and fishing gamut. And always in a professional and interesting format.

GON has always seemingly strived to create a sense of “hunting community” in my opinion, and I applaud your stance in the editorial.

You always represent our victories in the field with our photos and stories, even if they aren’t the B&C record some hunters find interesting.

GON is the magazine for the everyday run of the mill sportsman and is read and sponsored by us because of it. Keep up the good work!

BTW, the only good rattlesnake is a dead one. 

Best Regards,

Chuck Morgan, Resaca


Solomon Fan From New Orleans

Dear GON,

My interest is to remark on the impact that your freelance writer Mr. Glen Solomon was and still has on a far and wide readership, all the way to New Orleans. 

I have been an avid reader of Mr. Glen for some few years. The still refreshing writing and matter-of-fact speaking style of Mr. Glen well separates his message and motivation as singular and original. I am greatly motivated to make this communique in his memory and to remark with what distinction he was able to establish a deep reference for hunters, fishers and outdoorsmen. His still nearly indecipherable “twang” resonates for me as I construct this short note. 

I was determined to send on my thoughts if only to add to the pool of reaction from what must have been a strong and wide readership base. I am sorry to learn the news of his passing and moreover his now future vacant contributions to GON.

Fernando Cundin

New Orleans, LA

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Somebody said they really wanted to be in the magazine. With a hat like that, we couldn’t resist. Congrats to Chasity Sexton on her first deer with a compound bow. She took the doe in Catoosa County.


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Jared Stapler with some fresh wild pork he took on Oct. 20 while hunting in Warren County.


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Paisley McCurry, 8, of Newnan, with a Coweta County 8-pointer she killed Oct. 17. Paisley’s big buck weighed 223 pounds.


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Rick Shumpert @rickshumpert1 tweeted on Oct. 1, “2019 buck tag #1 has been punched. Cobb County archery 8pt. 20 yard shot, 20 yard recovery @GON Magazine.”

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