Wild In The Kitchen: Venison Tater Grenades

Mike Bolton | August 10, 2018

Some folks obviously have more time on their hands than others. From that comes great things. A hunter told me about this clever recipe. I tried it, and it was incredible. He said it also works well with venison sausage instead of backstrap.

4 Yukon Gold potatoes
1 venison backstrap
1 lb. thick sliced bacon
1 cup Moore’s Marinade
1 cup Worcestershire sauce
1 cup Pepsi

Slice venison backstraps lengthwise into 1-inch wide, 1-inch thick strips the length of your potatoes. Marinate these overnight in Moore’s Marinade, Worcestershire sauce and Pepsi. Using a drill with a 1-inch paddle bit, drill a hole lengthwise all the way through each potato. Dry venison backstrap strips on paper towel and then dredge each through melted butter. Force strips into the hole of the potato. Wrap potato tightly in bacon, and secure with toothpicks. Place potato in smoker and smoke at 225 degrees for about three hours until bacon has rendered, and the potato is done.

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