GON November 2005

GON Staff | November 4, 2005


Rut Roh! Hunting The Rut When It’s Dead As A Hammer
Dr. Karl Miller talks hunting when it’s the peak rut, but your property is dead.

Yo-Yo Strategy For Sinclair Crappie
Chuck McClendon says versatility is the key in November.

They Call Him Daddy Rabbit
Aubrey Holcombe’s love for hounds and rabbits.

The GON Deer Hunt Challenge
John Stanley and John Seginak, two very good deer hunters, scout places to hunt on hunting club property that gets hunting pressure.

A History Of DNR Budget Cuts In Georgia
Which one of your kids do you shoot? That question was posed by former DNR Commissioner Lonice Barrett in 2003. Too often, the answer to that question is… Cut Sportsmen’s Programs.

Umbrella Rigs For West Point November Hybrids
Chris Brackett says umbrella rigs are excellent for catching hybrids.

Patterns And 10 Locations For Lake Lanier Fall Football Spotted BassGeorge Forrester shows how and where to catch fat and aggressive spotted bass.

Little River Plantation Hosts Youth Contest Winner
Cody Dalton kills super Turner County buck on his grand prize Dream Hunt.

Deer Tracking Dog Tales
When a dog trails a wounded deer, some interesting things can happen.

Fall Bass Are A Ball At Dodge County PFA
Jimmy Lester shares patterns a small-water, big-bass destination.

Russell Bass Bite Returns For Fall
The summer disappearing act is over. November is excellent on a variety of patterns.

November Is “The Cool Time” To Take A Kid WMA Squirrel Hunting
November means cool weather and deer hunting for many sportsmen. Meanwhile, thousands of WMA acres quietly sit, open for squirrel hunting.

Deer Stand Strategy: Move Or Stand Pat
Getting in the right position for more shots. Follow these tips for a better deer season.

Addicted To Quack: Duck Hunting In Georgia
Early mornings, terrible weather and freezing water… why are duck hunters so hooked on quack?

Fall Fiction: The Haunted Hunt At Asbury Manor
Part 4, November: Tyler is hopeful that he will see the 16-pointer running does, but the mysterious happenings at Asbury Manor seem destined to stop his hunt for the buck.



2nd Annual GHFF Expo In Baxley

2005 Georgia Duck Season Forecast

No Deer On First Public Deer Hunts At River Creek WMA

DNR Commissioner Responds To Article On Budget Cuts

Mike Tuten Wins Mr. Clarks Hill Bass Tournament

Mid Georgia Beagle Club Field Trial Results



Right To Bear Arms: New Orleans Gun Confiscation Wake-up Call

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