Letters To The Editor November 2005

Reader Contributed | November 1, 2005

Write Your Elected Officials

Dear GON,

Thanks so much for printing the very important article on the DNR budget. You are exactly right that all the Sportsman’s conservation groups across the great state of Georgia are in great need of voicing our concerns to our elected officials.

I have written Senator Goggans and Representative Sims, two men I’m sure feel the same way we do, and I’m sure they will help us in any way they can.

Thanks again.
Tommy Little, Douglas


Clybel Is Not A State Park

Dear GON,

Why is it that Clybel WMA gets treated more like a state park than a WMA? There’s a visitors center, a hotel, horse trails, hiking trails, firing range, archery range. Most of these facilities sit inside a no-hunting zone.

The kicker is that if you want to use any of these things you do not have to purchase a WMA stamp. Who’s paying for all of this? The hunters and fishermen.

I thought that paying for a WMA stamp gave me privileges not given to all, but it seems this WMA is open to all regardless of purchasing a WMA stamp or not. Why doesn’t everyone using a WMA have to purchase a stamp?

Personally, I don’t mind purchasing a WMA stamp for access to state-owned or leased hunting land. I just believe that anyone who uses these properties should also have to buy a WMA stamp.

Clybel WMA is not a state park.

Todd Arnold, Monroe


Fox Squirrel Shooting is Fine

Dear GON,

In the Letters department in the October issue, Dale Deal does not speak for most outdoorsmen. It sounds like to me GON has been invaded by PETA (via mail). Dale needs to know that hunters and sportsmen have done more to help protect and to conserve our thriving wildlife than any left-wing terrorist organization.

It makes my bones burn when I read his letter calling people who legally hunt a squirrel a disgrace! By saying that it shows me that he was probably put up to writing that letter by PETA or ALF.

We can’t let these people tell us what to do, because they don’t know what is best for the future of hunting. And another thing, if he was a nature lover he would know how easy it is to see a hawk and an owl.

Jamie Sparks, Calhoun Co., Ala.


State Park Hunt is $25!

Dear GON,

I look forward to your magazine each month. I was very interested in the article in the October issue concerning DNR and WRD’s spending of sportsman dollars. I agree, the money is being shifted from the original intent to a more political use. Groups and organizations that are encouraged to use the facilities at Preaching Rock are not necessarily sports-minded/outdoor groups.

This year there is another twist in the DNR budget issue. This year deer hunters put in for quota hunts on state parks because of overpopulation. If hunters get picked, they will have to pay $25 in order to hunt. Where will all those sportsmen dollars go?

I wonder if this is what Sen. Zell Miller had in mind when he set aside property, using a portion of the cost of a license to hunt/fish. He had me convinced that it was so I would have a place to run some rabbit dogs, maybe do a little deer hunting or just take my grandchildren out and teach them about hunting and fishing.

Edwin Barkley, Conyers


Watch Those Logging Trucks

Dear GON,

Just a quick note that will hopefully save another hunter some disappointment. Like so many other clubs, our Jasper County land was sold last year. We were, however, allowed to continue to hunt for the remainder of the 2004 season.

Just about rut time they began to clearcut the property. I had one ladder stand that they went around, but I had a double ladder stand that was not so fortunate. They took the legs out from under it, damaging two sections, and left the remainder of the stand just hanging from the tree. Not only did they not leave a note, but I sent a letter to the purchaser of the land asking for reimbursement but never got an answer.

If anyone has land being clearcut, they need to clearly mark their stand.

Louis G. Miro, Lawrenceville


What’s Wrong with Tattoos?

Dear GON,

I am writing this letter in regards to Daryl Gay’s column in the September issue. The whole column seemed to be poking fun at a hunter that was different than himself. Does he want hunters to be a bunch of clones in Dickie’s and Carhartt clothing?

I’m an avid hunter and outdoorsman. I live in a rural area by choice. I also have tattoos from head to toe and a few piercings of my own. I have a wonderful wife and family. I just took my son on a hog hunt, and he was quite successful.

Friends, wake up. Some of the youth of today have tattoos and piercings. They also roll into hunting camps  in new trucks with modern stereos, DVD players and possibly a little rock ‘n roll.

Why do they roll up into hunting camps all over America? They all have a love of the sport of hunting. We need to protect our hunting rights by staying focused on our heritage and not to ever forget what a boring world it would be if we were all in the same appearance.

Danis Richard, Conyers


Seminole Ducks GONE

Dear GON,

About 10 years ago, a guide at Lake Seminole told me that if something was not changed at Lake Seminole,  the duck hunting would be ruined. He tried to convince DNR to close shooting hours at noon. Local pressure stemming from economic considerations thwarted the effort. Ten years later it looks as if this fellow was on target… no ducks.

H.H. Keadle,  Gray

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