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GON Staff | May 1, 2005


The 2005 Georgia Bream Fishing Special
A statewide look at the best places to catch a mess of bream, from bluegill, shellcrackers and redbreast to southeast Georgia fliers.

May Map For Lake Oconee Bass
BASS National Federation qualifier Bob Ellis marks a map on his favorite Georgia lake for great May fishing.

Lucas Lake Opens To Public Fishing, And GON Was There
Profiling the 625-acre Macon Water Authority reservoir in Jones County.

Clarks Hill Lake Flathead Catfish
Clarks Hill has some giant flatheads, and it seems very few anglers fish for them.

Lake Eufaula Transition Bass
Eufaula postspawn bass fishing ranges from big sacks to no sacks. Marvin Waddell explains how to consistently catch fish all month.

Ocmulgee River ‘Buster’ Bream
The author sat down with Ocmulgee River legend, John Pearson, to learns his tricks and secrets to catching river bream.

Victer Wins 2005 Top Six At West Point
The top team was Southside Bassmasters with 106.97 pounds.

Lake Weiss Bass In The May Grass
The weeds at Weiss are behind schedule this year, but according to lake expert Frank Cobb, when they start topping out, expect the bass fishing to blast off.

Wildcat Creek Trout: Back To Basics For North Georgia Rainbows
Sometimes leave the high-tech tackle at home. Have a ball catching trout with crickets and corn.

Lake Lanier Crappie With Randy Dover
May is the prime time to shoot docks, and Lanier crappie are in good shape and heavier than they’ve been in a while.



Georgia Spotted Bass State Record Broken By Lake Burton Magnum Spot

Rattlesnake! In The Ground Blind! And I’m Standing On It!
A GON reader sent us this story of a hair-raising encounter with a big Bulloch County rattlesnake.

Lake Varner’s Amazing Day: Five Bass Topping 45 Total Pounds, Including 12-Pounder

DNR Announces New 106-acre PFA For Houston County

Overboard Rod Found Half-Mile Away, 19-lb. Striper Still Attached!
A fish ripped a rod-holder from a boat during a striper tournament, then later that day the rod and striper were recovered by a different tournament team.



Letters To The Editor: Coyotes Need Killing; Deer Limits

Scrapbook Pictures: 600-lb. Washington Co. Hog; Cobb Co. lunker on bream hook.

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Spy Cam Images

Game Warden Reports: Heard County Hunt Camp Burglary

Editorial By Steve Burch

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