GON December 2005

GON Staff | December 1, 2005


Crank Rocky Points For December Bass On Lake Jackson
Bobby Ferris marks our Jackson map for a mix of quality largemouth and spots.

Taking Kids Hunting
Unless something is done to reverse current trends, more than 60 percent of hunters will be 55 years old or older.

Time Marches On, So Does Dog Hunting For Deer
Despite new laws and shrinking land holdings, dog hunters doing things the right way are keeping the tradition alive.

Savannah River Striped Bass, The Ultimate Comeback
Striper fishing on the Savannah may be Georgia’s best-kept secret.

First Time Running Trapline
Kris Pope’s completely hooked by the excitement, anticipation and tradition of trapping.

Jigging Spoons And Crankbaits For Stone Mountain Bass
Stone Mountain Lake is fantastic for December bass, and Derek Snider talks wintertime tactics.

Bridge And Timber Crappie On Eufaula
Try Lake Eufaula in January for great crappie fishing over old road beds and timber.

Lake Sinclair December Drawdown Bass
Benny Lanning shows patterns for some fast-paced fishing in December.

GON’s Deer Hunt Challenge, The Results
Four hunters in very good set-ups, three strike out while one could have filled his tags.

Jump Shoot Ducks
For the average hunter without a lot of waterfowling gear, any pond, creek or river may provide a chance to hunt ducks.

Fall Fiction: The Haunted Hunt At Asbury Manor
Part 5, The Conclusion: “Tyler reached out with his hand and felt the hard, rounded walls of the well, and he panicked as he remembered what had happened to him.”



Big 14-point Buck Killed At Dalton Utilities Wheelchair-Bound Hunt

Teen Kills 437-Pound Bear At Dixon Memorial WMA

Leaking Lakes: High Falls And Ocmulgee PFA Losing Water



Eye On The Antis: Ban Refuge Hunting, Ban Sunday Hunting… Latest From HSUS 

Letters To The Editor

GON Realtree Outdoor Kids Scrapbook Pictures

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Editorial: State Parks Should Be Managed. And Hunted

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