Letters To The Editor December 2005

Reader Contributed | December 4, 2005

Gov. Perdue & Quality Bucks

Dear GON,

First let me congratulate you on such an outstanding and informative magazine. I have been a subscriber for many years now, and I frequently purchase subscriptions as gifts for several friends and family members with the hopes that it will be as informative and enjoyable for them as it is for me.

The outdoors, whether we’re talking hunting or fishing, is a part of our heritage that is extremely important to all of us for a number of reasons, and no one wants to see any aspect of our heritage lost in any way. It is a changing world, and without your informative help, and our being united, the loss of habitat, as well as hunting and fishing rights, is a very real possibility. The anti-hunting community is constantly searching for any ammunition to use in their favor.

While history has shown that many great Americans enjoyed and recognized the need for hunting it has been nearly impossible to find a public figure (especially in today’s Hollywood society) that freely promotes any type of hunting, not to mention the growing popularity in the desire of quality management of our deer herd.

When I received my September issue of GON I couldn’t help but think what a missed opportunity. Buried way back on page 154 in your Briefly section was the governor of the great state of Georgia, Gov. Sonny Perdue standing with a huge smile behind a podium that read Quality Deer Management Association.

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture speaks volumes, and I for one think that we could not find a better advocate for our heritage or future.

While the cover of the September issue has a tremendous buck on it, it would have been in all our best interest if there was a little less tongue and blood.

Instead, you should have run a picture of a nationally known governor supporting hunting, not to mention quality-deer management.

Chris Farmer, Lake City



I Don’t Have a Computer

Dear GON,

I do not own a computer, and I do not use them down at the library. Since I don’t have a computer, will I still be able to vote on the baiting, supplemental feeding issue? I would like to vote, but I am one of the many who does not have a computer.

Larry Johnson, Griffin

Editor’s Note: Yes, assuming you are a GON subscriber. The final baiting/feeding vote will appear on next month’s cover of GON.


Focus on Hunter Education

Dear GON,

I’m a long-time Georgia hunter. I’m a long-time GON fan.

For years now I have read the statistics on hunter numbers dropping. GON has been at the forefront informing us of this. The answer of course is to get young kids interested in hunting.

I think a lot less time, effort and money should be spent on issues like bag limits, WMA food plots, or spending almost any of our license fees or the Pittman-Robertson tax on anything except public education of the hunting ethics, the wholesomeness, the family values of the sport we love called hunting.

I’ve been working in Alabama for a few months now, and almost every night I see television ads for hunting. THEY’RE GREAT!

Why can’t our Georgia people spend our money this way? If even for one year this money was spent on advertising, I believe the long-lasting benefits would way outweigh the loss of the few services we receive from our powers that be!

Brian Lewis, Roswell


Daddy Rabbit Class Act

Dear GON,

Thanks for the wonderful piece on Daddy Rabbit. When my wife and I first moved to the Vanna Community, we met Daddy Rabbit. He and Sue welcomed us and made us feel like family. We would meet with the Second Shift Sunday School Class from Vanna UMC at their place often.

Many impromptu archery tournaments were held at his place, and lots of fellowship and food was shared. I was honored to get to go on a rabbit hunt with him once.  I felt humbled as he let the dogs out of the truck, three champions and a pup he was training.  I had been on rabbit hunts before, but they paled in comparison. No man I know gleans as much joy from listening to a pack of hounds as Daddy Rabbit. Your article brought back some good memories of a great hunt and some wonderful people. Thank you, and thanks Sue for sharing your family and home with Lea and I.

Daniel Carter, Brunswick


Great Hunter Access Program

Dear GON,

Programs like the Hunter Access Program under the GONetwork are great, even if you don’t get picked. Keep up the good work. Things like this do change a kid’s life. It does make a difference and could actually save young kids from drugs and gangs.

Danny Anderson, Monticello


More Articles on True Experts

Dear GON,

Your magazine is by far the best hunting magazine in the United States. The more stories you can do from true experts (Karl Miller), the better. Stories from a particular hunt by a journalist or a hunter is fine, but please do not waste space with the “how-to-hunt” advice of somebody who has taken a few good deer.

Chuck Cunningham, Orlando, Fla.


Thanks For Supper

Dear GON,

Those of us who attended the GONetwork statewide banquet on October 1 would like to thank you for a wonderful and informative evening. The Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center is a beautiful place, and the food was great! It was nice to meet and socialize with others who have a sincere interest in supporting the GONetwork and its purpose. Hopefully in the future there will be many more individuals interested in becoming a part of our organization and helping to preserve and protect our heritage as sportsmen.

We look forward to the next year hoping it to be very profitable and productive for everyone.

Carol Green
Habersham Co. Committee

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