GON April 2020 Issue

GON Staff | March 26, 2020

On The Cover: High school angler Bowynn Brown with one of those south Georgia bass that grow big in the Lake Seminole grass.

Photo by Craig James

April Features:

Red Hot April Bass Fishing On Lake Sinclair
Ricky Layton marks a Sinclair map with 10 locations for April fishing on Sinclair. And it’s been really, really good!

Trout Fishing The Three Georgia Tailwaters
Great trout habitat and fishing is created when deep, cold water flows from reservoirs through dams into the rivers below.

Play Chess To Bag A Swamp Gobbler
Birds that live deep in the swamp are just different, and it takes different hunting strategies to get one in shotgun range.

Reports From The Georgia Turkey Woods
GON’s team of Hunt Advisors give timely and detailed reports from opening weekend of Georgia’s turkey season.

The Adaptability Factor: Old Does, Predators
Deer might be the most adaptable critter we’re blessed with in Georgia. Are they getting better at dealing with coyotes?

Lake Seminole Bass In The Grass
Young gun Bowynn Brown takes us to school on Big Sem bass.

Scoring Results For The Truck-Buck Contest
Weekly winners and wildcard qualifiers. See all the official scores.

The Cobia Are Coming
Two techniques for catching the Georgia cobia migration.

“The River Keeper,” A Gobbler Miracle
The author tells of his unique hunt for a river-hopping bird.

April News:

Win A Turkey Hunt With Realtree Spring Thunder

15-lb. Wilkinson County Largemouth Bass

Miller County Buck Is No. 1 All-Time

Youth Big-Buck Contest Scoring Results

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories
30 Years Ago: 14-lb. Goat Rock Record Largemouth
GON Sits Down With Charlie Elliott
20 Years Ago: Ossabaw Check Station Burns To The Ground
Lost And Found Gun



Fishing Reports

Wild In The Kitchen: Whiskey-Glazed Gobbler

Hunter’s Journal: Dream Season For Warren County Deer Hunter

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy-Cam


GON Outdoor Kids: Teacher Takes Students Duck-Box Building


Kids Outdoor Outpost And Word Search: Turkey Buffet

Game Warden Reports


Daryl Gay’s Back Page

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