Miller County Buck Is New All-Time County Record

Donny Karr | March 17, 2020

It’s official, Miller County has a new whitetail record. Jason Cox, 42, of Colquitt, harvested a massive 10-pointer in December. The rack was recently measured by an official Boone & Crockett scorer and netted 160 1/8 to top the existing record. 

The long-standing Miller County record was Trey Trawick’s 1994 buck that netted 158 even.

Jason was hunting on Dec. 20, 2019 at a friend’s property that’s only about 15 acres in Miller County.

Jason Cox with his incredible Miller County 10-point buck killed in December, 2019. Measured by an official scorer, Jason’s buck netted 160 1/8 to set a new all-time Miller County record, according to GON’s official Georgia Deer Records.

It was a warm morning, and Jason said he was hoping he’d get a glimpse of the monster buck he had been getting trail-cam photos of for the past six weeks. 

“When I first saw him on my trail camera, it was unbelievable,” Jason remembers. “I was hunting that property regularly hoping I’d get a shot at him during the rut.”

GON’s Official All-Time Miller County Buck Rankings

Rank Score Name Year County Method Photo
1 160 1/8 Jason Cox 2019 Miller Gun View 
2 158 Trey Trawick 1994 Miller Gun
3 151 4/8 Johnny Miller 2009 Miller Gun View 
4 149 5/8 Tim Hayes 2015 Miller Gun View 
5 148 7/8 Jeff Williams 2014 Miller Gun View 
6 145 5/8 Allen Vann 1979 Miller Gun
7 145 1/8 Paul Smith 1997 Miller Gun
8 143 2/8 John Weaver 1994 Miller Gun
9 143 1/8 Todd McVey 1996 Miller Gun
10 143 Terry Pickle 1996 Miller Found

The rut had just begun in the southwest Georgia county by the third week of December, and other hunters were reporting that they’d been seeing bucks chasing does all over the area. Jason was optimistic that he would get a shot at the giant. 

As luck would have it, the buck sauntered by Jason’s stand at a distance of about 55 yards. Jason wasted no time in shouldering his rifle and placing a perfect shot right behind the buck’s front shoulder. The monster whitetail took a few steps and dropped. 

“I was ecstatic,” said Jason. “I really couldn’t believe it at first. I didn’t get nervous when I first saw the buck, but once I took the shot and he went down, that’s when the nerves set in. I was shaking like a leaf.” 

Jason phoned most of his closest friends to tell them he had got the massive buck he had shown them photos of just weeks prior.

One of the most notable characteristics of the buck’s rack was the enormous 22 5/8-inch inside spread and tall tines, but it’s the main beams that are truly exceptional. The Miller County buck had main beams that were 27 2/8 inches and 26 2/8 inches long.

Jason has hunted his entire life, but has never spotted a buck even close to the size of the giant he shot that day. 

“The taxidermist said it was probably a 7-year-old deer,” said Jason. “I still get excited when I think back on it. I’ve been hunting all my life and never expected to get a buck like this. It’s just unbelievable.” 



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