Letters To The Editor – April 2020

Reader Contributed | March 28, 2020

Coronavirus Confinement Helping My 2020-21 Deer Season

Dear GON,

With a bunch of unexpected down time at home, my thoughts turned to using this opportunity to go over my hunting gear and make improvements to be ready for when next deer season comes.

I got out my guns and cleaned, repaired and made a few changes on things. I still need to sight in a new deer rifle I got for Christmas. I want to move a deer stand to a better location, and my walking trail into it needs some work.

Staying at home I now have time to look through all the sports’ magazines and maybe order a few items. It may not be too late to go search for antler drops where that big buck was seen.

My climber needs a bolt replaced and maybe some new camo paint so the smell is gone by hunting season.

Oh yeah, now is the time to work on my honey-do list so things will be more pleasant next fall. Maybe this “confinement” at home ain’t so bad after all.

Alton Powell, Chattahoochee Hills


Thanks GON For Helping Me Take My Two-Year Target Buck

Dear GON,

I managed to catch up with a two-year target on New Year’s Day 2020 in Lamar County. I patterned him on a late-season bedding to food area and dropped him at 6:05 p.m.

Everett Park, of Concord, with his Lamar County target buck.

I had to use an ultra-light hunting saddle setup with climbing sticks to get within shooting range of his privet hedge fortress. I had located it earlier in the season but was unable to turn and get a shot on him because he came from behind me.

I employed all the tricks I knew, including smoking myself with pine needles while waiting for the one perfect wind and day (both things I learned from a GON article).

I also used a wetland approach to hide my trail scent in.

Thanks for all you guys do for us.

I faithfully buy every issue year-round, as I’m a very active fisherman of every type of water we have in this great state, as well. GON is the best,

Everett Park, Concord


You Published My Story!

Dear GON,

Thank you for putting my hunting journal on the GON website. I was so surprised and excited when my hunting journal was put up. It was such a great hunt I had my grandpa. I will always remember it forever. It was exciting to participate in the Truck-Buck contest.

For my birthday, my grandpa bought me a subscription to your GON magazine. I would always borrow his magazines when he would get them in the mail, and now I have my own magazines! I wanted to let you know I enjoy reading them. I can’t wait to receive the next magazines! Again thank you so much for putting my hunting story on your website.

Very sincerely,

Victoria Blymire

Editor’s Note: Victoria, you did a great job telling your hunt story. For those who haven’t seen it yet, check it out at


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