Schley County Deer Hunt With Grandpa

Young lady tells her hunt story with a very well-written account included with her contest entry.

Victoria Bylmire | November 9, 2019

It was a nice, cool and c!ear Saturday afternoon on Nov. 2, a perfect day to hunt with my grandpa on his property. The temperature was very nice, in the high 50s.

We were in his tree stand overlooking the edge of a food plot about 50 yards away. There was a lot of activity. Throughout the afternoon, we saw a lot of does and turkeys feeding in the food plot. Toward the end of the afternoon, the turkeys flew up in the trees to roost. The does were long gone by this time, so my grandpa and I were going to wait another 10 or 15 minutes before packing up.

I was looking at the food plot when all of a sudden I saw a buck coming out from the creek bottom into the food plot to feed 125 yards away. My grandpa got his binoculars out to get a better look at him and saw that he was a very large buck. He was feeding and walking around for around 10 minutes when a small 8-point buck came out from the woods beneath our tree stand heading toward the food plot. The big buck immediately spotted the small buck and stared at him. I could tell he was very territorial toward the small buck because the small buck moved cautiously around, keeping his distance from the big buck as he was heading into some brush nearby.

The big buck followed him a short ways and then continued eating and walking around. He was at a perfect broadside position for me to get a good shot, so my grandpa used mouth grunts to stop him. The big buck stopped and looked toward our direction. My grandpa signaled me to take my shot, so I focused my aim and shot. He “mule-kicked,” ran about 20 yards and stopped to look back before falling over at the edge of the food plot and creek bottom.

When we retrieved him, we couldn’t believe he was even larger than what we thought he was! We thought he was an 8-point, but it turned out that was a 10-point! This was such an exciting and happy hunt for my grandpa and me, especially that he was my very first buck I shot. I will never forget this awesome day, and I know my grandpa won’t either.

Victoria Blymire, 12, and her nice buck are entered in Week 8 of the Truck-Buck Contest and she’s also in the Youth Big-Buck Contest

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