Wild In The Kitchen: Venison Bacon Burger Bombs

Mike Bolton | June 29, 2022


Venison Bacon Burger Bombs

Here’s a new twist on that standard venison burger you’ve been serving. Your family and buddies will be telling everyone about this!

1 lb. ground venison

1 lb. ground Italian sausage

1 lb. thick sliced bacon

1 jar pickled Seranno peppers

Montreal Steak Seasoning

1/4 c. Worcestershire sauce

2 large white onions, diced.

4 oz. crumbled blue cheese

2 tblsp. seasoning salt

2 tblsp. black pepper

Preheat grill to medium heat. In a large mixing bowl, thoroughly mix ground venison, ground sausage, blue cheese, 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce, 4 tablespoons Montreal Steak Seasoning, diced onions, seasoning salt and black pepper. Roll into golf ball-size meat balls. Wrap each horizontally with one slice of bacon. Secure bacon with a toothpick. Press down firmly.  Insert pickled serrano pepper into the middle vertically with only the stem protruding. This is your “fuse.” If you like cheese, cut thin slices of cheddar cheese  into a circle  the size of your “bomb.” Allow the Serrano pepper stem to poke through. Place on a baking rack over a pan to catch the grease and grill over indirect heat Cook until bacon gets crispy. Eat as a finger food.

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