Wild In The Kitchen: Smoked Venison Neck Roast

Mike Bolton | November 1, 2021

For years, I was guilty of grinding my deer necks into hamburger meat and, shamefully, even tossing some into the trash. I finally learned they could be made delicious and tender in the smoker. I like to smoke mine with cherry wood.

1 5-lb. venison neck

1 quart beef broth

Montreal Steak Seasoning

3 carrots, sliced

3 bell peppers, quartered

3 Vidalia onions, quartered

1 head of garlic minced

Leave the bone in the neck. With a filet knife, trim away any silver skin. Heavily coat the surface of the roast with Montreal Steak Seasoning. Place the roast on the smoker and smoke for five hours at 225 degrees. Place the vegetables and beef broth in a disposable aluminum roasting pan. Place the neck roast in the pan and cover tightly with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Place the roast back on the smoker or in the home oven at 300 degrees for four more hours. Remove the roast and shred meat away from the bone and return it back to the pan with the juices and vegetables.

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