GON September 2020 Issue

GON Staff | September 2, 2020

A mature buck with a bow is special, and September is truly our Bowhunting Special issue. Brock Burley arrowed this Washington County buck last season.

Photo by Brad Gill

September 2020 Feature Articles

When Bucks Go Missing
That bachelor group is about to break up. Here’s how to get on—and stay on—a mature buck when patterns change.

Carters Spotted Bass Mapped For September
Hunter Hoek marks a map and sets the patterns on Carters.

War Hogs
A huge mature wild boar may be the toughest animal a Georgia hunter could face. But he has a major weakness… a sow in heat.

Deer Festival In Georgia Deer Capital
The tradition lives on each year on an Autumn Saturday.

Georgia’s Best Bow-Bucks
Last season’s top bow-bucks and historical look at.

Bow Season Scouting Report: Food Sources And Opening Weekend Tips
Statewide look at food sources from GON’s Hunt Advisor team.

Best Public-Land Bowhunting Tracts
Data and stats from state WMAs for archery hunting success.

“The Squirrel Nest”
Final chapter in story about a squirrel hunt gone wrong for teens.

GON’s County-by-County Bow Records
Top-10 bow-bucks ever recorded listed by Georgia counties.

Tactics For Hunting Mature Bucks Over Bait
Baiting doesn’t make killing a mature buck a slam dunk, far from it, but these tips can up a bowhunter’s early season odds. 

In The Boat On Clarks Hill With Hank Parker
Craig James spends a Georgia day with a bass fishing legend.

Part 2 of GON’s five-part fall fiction series.


September 2020 News

Monster 88-lb. Clarks Hill Catfish

Truck-Buck Contest No. 32 Set To Begin

Youth Big-Buck Contest Add Weekly Prizes

Hunting Corps Of Engineers Property In Georgia

Buying Your Own Hunting Land

Deer Tracking Dog List

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories
30 Years Ago: David Waller Named Game and Fish Director
Saga Of The Gunbelt Buck
207-inch Coweta County Buck
20 Years Ago: Yellow Raincoat Booner Still Only Book Deer For Lowndes County
Fulton County 15-pointer Killed By Nesbit Bedingfield
860-lb. Telfair County Hog
10 Years Ago: Screven County Diamondback Measures 6 1/2 Feet
Diamondback Gets Tangled In Boot Laces


September 2020 Departments


Fishing Reports

Wild In The Kitchen: German Schnitzel Dove

Hunter’s Journal: Lillie Anna Lyons Shoots Buck, Still Makes Softball Event

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy-Cam


GON Outdoor Kids: Give It A Shot This Fall

Tournament Reports

Cast For Cash Fishing Tournament Calendar

Kids Outdoor Outpost And Word Search: Blessed Even In COVID Struggle

Game Warden Reports: Saltwater Violations Tally $13,900 In Fines


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