GON March Issue 2023

GON Staff | March 3, 2023

March 2023: Vol. 37, No. 3

Turkey hunters are passionate. No group loves turkeys more. Here’s to lots of gobbling in the Georgia woods this April.

Photo By Tommy Kirkland

March 2023 Flipbook Edition


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March Feature Articles

Crankbaits For Stacked Up Prespawn Bass
Bass are on the move in March, and when you find one, you might just hit the Mother Lode. Crankbaits are great for covering water.

The Broad Perspective Of Turkey Hunting
Chasing longbeards in the spring is far more than the flop.

Sinclair Bass Mapped For March With Matt Henry
10 locations show how to set a pattern for early numbers, then a quality-bass bite on grass and docks once the sun gets up.

Dog-Proof Traps Make Impact In Turkey Woods
These cylinder traps are easy to set and work extremely well at catching ground-nest predators like raccoons and opossums.

2023 Georgia Turkey Special
Biologists say it will take time before hunting restrictions have a positive impact, but turkey-hunter numbers have taken a big hit.

Finesee Bassin’ From Start To Finish
Power fishing is not for this angler, not even in March.

Chattahoochee Tailrace Fishing Below Eufaula
From striped bass to catfish and more, here’s how to fish it.

Native Mountain Turkeys
Were they different? The author and others who hunted the flock of wild turkeys that survived in Blue Ridge WMA believe they were.

Small Lake Profile: Marben PFA’s Shepherd Lake
Lots of structure can make bass fishing a challenge on this 12-acre lake, but find the shad for fast action.

Hunting Keeps 96-Year-Old Going Strong
Meet Mister B.O. Mock of Miller County.


March 2023 News

Georgia Buck Sported Crazy Antlers

Legislative Update

Out There Outdoors With Clae Mathis: Between The Pines And The Solar Panels

Deer Hunter Lucky To Survive Dog Attack

Program Introduces Newcomers To Duck Hunting30

Oaky Woods WMA Gets New Riverfront Acreage

On The Shoulders Of Giants With Andrew Curtis: It Will Hunt Again


March 2023 Departments

Letters To The Editor

Hunter’s Journal: Hard-Hunting Teen Kills Great Public-Land Mountain Buck 

Wild In The Kitchen: Venison-Sausage And Dove Gumbo

Days GON By
10 Years Ago: Coyotes Taking Down Mature Bucks?
20 Years Ago: Tick Infestations Likely Culprit For Weird Deer Ears
30 Years Ago: Monster Brown Trout From Chattahoochee Near Six Flags

Fishing Reports

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy-Cam

Scrapbook Photos

GON Outdoor Kids: Big Buck Luck

Kids Outdoor Outpost And Word Search

Game Warden Reports: Red Snapper Poachers Caught With Huge Haul

Editorial-Opinion: Common Sense And Gun Violence In America

Daryl Gay’s Back Page: Jake Cures March Madness


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