Letters To The Editor: March 2023

Reader Contributed | March 2, 2023

GON Instagram: Gabrielle Alvarez with a 9-pounder caught in Albany.

GTA Crushes It At Trapping Workshop

Dear GON,

Our church family sends out a big thank you to the members and directors of the Georgia Trappers Association for leading our first annual Coyote Trapping Workshop at our church. More than 140 participants and 20 volunteers enjoyed a free home-cooked breakfast, live field demonstrations, tips on getting started, a review of regulations and time for questions and answers. 

Anyone with nuisance wildlife problems would be wise to contact the professionals at the Georgia Trappers Association at Plans are already underway for the second-annual trapping event in February 2024.

Dr. Wallace McAbee, Pastor

Sharpsburg Baptist Church

Live field demonstrations were part of the coyote trapping day at Sharpsburg Baptist Church.

Kirkland Thankful For GON & Its Readers

Dear GON,

I want Mr. Curtis to know how much I appreciate his encouraging words in his letter to GON (Jan. 2023). Kind of ironic, your words are encouraging for me, as well. I’ve had a few discouragements, but I’m reminded to stay inspired and keep pursuing whitetails. There is wealth of knowledge to share, and as you stated, hopefully this work can inspire others and youngsters, too. I’m also grateful beyond words for the folks at GON for publishing this work; and to God Almighty for giving me the strength and ability to experience His Creation.

Tommy Kirkland, Photographer

GON Big-Buck Map A Very Inspirational Tool 

Dear GON,

For the past three or four years when I have seen the map that you put in the October GON that shows which counties in the state are the best for big bucks, I have told myself that I was going to learn all 159 counties and where they are in located. Well, it took a little while, but I did it. So when I told my buddy what I had done and had him quiz me, he said that was great. 

Next I wanted to learn all 159 county seats, and I did. So, thank you for inspiring me to do that. My wife is already tired of me telling her the county or county seat when someone mentions a county or county seat located in Georgia. However, it makes reading your magazine and the Market Bulletin a lot more interesting because I know this information. Thanks again. 

Brandon Adams, Banks County, Homer (County Seat)

Kammermeyer More Than A WRD Biologist

Dear GON,

I met Kent Kammermeyer in 1980 when I moved to Georgia. A mutual friend introduced me to Kent and Walt Sutton at Blue Ridge WMA. I came to know and respect both men. 

I had the chance to hunt doves, quail and deer with Kent and considered him a friend. He will be missed.

Ellis Keefer,  Lilburn


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GON Instagram: Caine Estep with a Fulton County buck taken on Jan. 29. Caine said he had a 3-year history with the buck.

GON Facebook: Terry Hardeman’s pb weighs right at 11 pounds. He caught it in a private pond in Dodge County.

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