GON March 2021 Issue

GON Staff | March 2, 2021

GON March 2021
Volume 35, No. 3


March 2021 Feature Articles

GON’s 2021 Turkey Hunting Special
Hunters and biologists ponder what to do about a turkey population that’s dipped far below the glory years in many areas.

Clarks Hill LiveScope Crappie
The “Back Page” guy didn’t grow up playing video games, but he may start after seeing new fish-finder technology in action.

Woody’s Campfire Talk Turns 20
This online community sets the gold standard in a cyber world that all too often goes low instead of high.

Do-It-Yourself Plantation Style Quail
Work dogs and enjoy wingshooting with pen-raised birds.

Crash Course On Turkey Hunting New Land
Tools and tips to pass the test with a gobbler on new property.

Altamaha River Early Spring Bass In The Bushes
New water in the oxbows and cuts will draw bass shallow.

The Science Of Shed Antlers
Finding a shed can tell a hunter more than just the obvious good news—that a particular buck survived the hunting season.

Turkey Fiction: A Tale Of Two Brothers
Jakes, And Boys, Are Dumber Than Dirt: Part one of a three-part fiction series by Duncan Dobie.

10 Prespawn Locations For Weiss Bass
Brody Robison marks a map to set your March patterns.


March 2021 News

Seminole Hosts First GHSA Bass Tourney

Ogeechee’s New State Record Hickory Shad

Recalling Encounter With Butch Richenback

Duck Season Reflections

Buying Land Series: Finding A Bargain Tract

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories
30 Years Ago: State Looks To Up Deer Bag Limit To 5
20 Years Ago: Deer Rescued From Hole
10 Years Ago: Bait Bill Introduced
New Lake Tugalo Brook Trout Record Discovered


March 2021 Departments


Fishing Reports

Fishing Tournaments & Cast For Cash Calendar

Wild In The Kitchen: Wild Turkey Stew

Briefly Outdoor News: Scott Robinson Named Fisheries Chief; GWF Duck Hunt For Students

Hunter’s Journal: Father-daughter Deer Hunt In Clay County

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy-Cam


GON Outdoor Kids

Kids Outdoor Outpost And Word Search

Game Warden Reports: Night-Hunting Leads To Extended Chase

Editorial-Opinion: A Wild Turkey Anecdote

Daryl Gay’s Back Page

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