GON February 2021 Issue

GON Staff | February 3, 2021

GON February 2021
Volume 35, No. 2

Noah Campbell helps set your February bass pattern on Oconee by marking a map with 10 GPS locations. Cover Photo by Ronnie Garrison


February 2021 Feature Articles

Prespawn Oconee Bass On Docks And Rocks
Georgia College angler Noah Campbell marks a map with 10 locations where anglers can find Oconee largemouth this month.

Intro To Air Guns
We’re not talking about plinking with a Daisy Red Rider—these rifles are big-game killers, and they are legal in Georgia.

The Slaughter Mountain Mystery Buck
This Forest Service hunter recounts a big buck that drew hopeful hunters up the highest peaks of Union County.

WMA Turkey Hunting Special
Turkey harvest numbers and hunt dates for state WMAs.

Truck-Buck Contest Wrap-Up
Impressive bucks to the very end of the season.

Georgia Lake & River Record Fish
Lots of news listings and interest as GON’s records go online.

Best Deer Season In Decades?
Highest percentage of good and excellent ratings in a long time. VOTES results also include turkey and dove season preferences.

A “Bad” Season
Don’t measure your hunting success or lack thereof in inches. Measure it in memories.

Youth Big-Buck Contest
Kids have their own GON big-buck contest. Here are all the entries from the final four weeks of Georgia’s deer season.


February 2021 News

Hunters Speak Up At WRD Hunt Regs Meetings

Truck-Buck & Youth Contest Scoring Details

Art Rilling Of Yellow River Game Ranch Passes

Calling All Trappers! GON Starts Free Listing

Buying Land Series: Lookin’ At South Georgia

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories
30 Years Ago: Record Turkey Season Expected
20 Years Ago: Lost Teen Hunter Spends Night In Woods
10 Years Ago: Five Yotes In A Day


February 2021 Departments


Fishing Reports

Wild In The Kitchen: Roasted Rabbit Quarters

Briefly Outdoor News: SCI Hosts First-Timers Event; Where’s GON At Embassy In Israel

Hunter’s Journal: Aiden Rosier Gets Dream Buck

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy-Cam


GON Outdoor Kids

Kids Outdoor Outpost And Word Search

Editorial-Opinion: Moderating Free Speech

Daryl Gay’s Back Page


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