Truck-Buck Contest 2020-2021 Scoring Results

GON Staff | March 19, 2021

The second of two scoring events for GON’s Truck-Buck Contest and the GON Youth Big-Buck Contest was held in Madison on Saturday, Feb. 27.

From among the more than 700 entries during the 2020-21 deer season, we now have the numbers crunched and know which hunters are in line to make the prestigious trip to the Outdoor Blast for the Truck-Buck Shoot-Out and the kids who qualify for the Youth Big-Buck Contest Shoot-Out. Only GON subscribers or their dependents who entered bucks during the season could get their racks measured during the Truck-Buck scoring events.

The hunters in the No. 1 spots for a scoring period or wildcard will be contacted by GON sometime before the second week of April to get their invitations to the Shoot-Out. In the Truck-Buck contest, there’s a winner each week and in four wildcard categories.

The Shoot-Out is a pellet-rifle competition to decide who wins a brand-new Silverado from contest sponsor John Megel Chevrolet. The weekly winners also earn a Mathews bow (retail value $1,100) during archery season, a CVA muzzleloader (retail value $700) during the Week 5 primitive-weapons/youth season, or a Browning deer rifle (retail value $1,140) during 12 weeks of gun season. Truck-Buck weekly winners also earn an HSS safety harness, a Talon Hip Holster skinning set from Havalon and some deer attractant and deer minerals from 4S Wildlife. Those one-of-kind Shoot-Out shirts for all Truck-Buck and Youth Big-Buck Contest contestants are again thanks to our friends at Realtree,

In addition, GON also has a separate contest for kids, the Youth Big-Buck Contest, with weekly qualifiers for their own Shoot-Out. There is one youth-contest winner per week, and those kids compete in a BB rifle Shoot-Out for a $3,000 shopping spree at Adventure Outdoors and a weekend hunting trip to Woods-N-Water. Each weekly youth winner—all 17 weeks of Georgia’s deer season—also earns a personalized Shoot-Out jersey from Realtree, plus an awesome LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise—a super tool for safe and more effective hunting for all ages, but especially kids. See the Youth Big-Buck Contest Results

The GON contests are determined after the official scoring of racks done by certified Boone & Crockett measurers using the Boone & Crockett/Pope & Young system. Scores are B&C/P&Y net. To compare typical versus non-typical racks, divide the net scores into the minimums for B&C all-time record books; 170 for typicals and 195 for non-typicals. The higher percentage ranks higher.

Key: (b) bow; (c) crossbow; (m) muzzleloader; (y) youth; (l) ladies; (pl) public-land; (*) non-typical

Click the links below to see the weekly results, all posted with hunter’s name, county and net official B&C score, plus a link to their entries so you can see multiple pictures and read the hunt stories.

Week 1 Results (Sept. 12-18)

Week 2 Results (Sept. 19-25)

Week 3 Results (Sept. 26 – Oct. 2)

Week 4 Results (Oct. 3-9)

Week 5 Results (Oct. 10-16)

Week 6 Results (Oct. 17-23)

Week 7 Results (Oct. 24-30)

Week 8 Results (Oct. 31 – Nov. 6)

Week 9 Results (Nov. 7-13)

Week 10 Results (Nov. 14-20)

Week 11 Results (Nov. 21-27)

Week 12 Results (Nov. 28 – Dec. 4)

Week 13 Results (Dec. 5-11)

Week 14 Results (Dec. 12-18)

Week 15 Results (Dec. 19-25)

Week 16 Results (Dec. 26 – Jan. 1)

Week 17 Results (Jan. 2 to Season End)


Wildcard Results
Wildcard winners listed below earn a spot in the Shoot-Out for a chance at the truck, plus a prize package including a $250 gift card from Agri Supply, an HSS safety harness, some deer attractant and deer minerals from 4S Wildlife, and a Realtree Shoot-Out shirt.

Runner-Up Wildcard:
(Highest scoring buck that didn’t win a week)
John Donalson, Mitchell County, 155 5/8

Ladies Wildcard Results
(Highest scoring buck killed by a female that didn’t win a week)
Erinn Lowe (b), Early County, 140 1/8

Public-Land Wildcard Results
(Highest scoring buck killed on public land that didn’t win a week)
Aaron Yoder (b), Montezuma Bluffs WMA, Macon County; 136 4/8

Youth Wildcard Results
(Highest scoring buck killed by a youth that didn’t win a Truck-Buck week)
Riles Riner, Worth County, 140 5/8


GON’s Youth Big-Buck Contest Results For 2020-2021

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  1. Tommy Carter on March 27, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    Proud of my son Garrett Sikes’ bow harvest! He took the number 2 (all-time) buck (week 4) in Liberty County! Real nice buck for our county!

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