Jake Decoy Attacked by Coyote and a Hawk

It appears that turkeys have it tough out in the real world.

Brad Gill | March 2, 2015

We didn’t publish this as an advertisement for AVIAN-X turkey decoys, but I suspect they’ll sell a few because of it. We just thought these photos were cool, and y’all have learned by now that GON editors like to publish weird stuff that happens in the woods.

Chris Huggins, of Newnan, sent us these two trail-camera pictures that he captured in Coweta County. Chris placed the turkey decoy, some corn and a camera on a piece of property that he was just prospecting for possible hunting rights in the future.

In the first picture, an opportunistic coyote is coming in pretty hot looking for a meal with the jake decoy looking the other way. The second picture shows a hawk trying to snatch a big meal.

“Now my decoy has a few holes in him, but it shows you they definitely look real,” said Chris.

The AVIAN-X turkey decoys aren’t cheap. This particular one is called the “LCD Quarter Strut Jake” and runs for about $100. However, Chris agrees it’s well worth the money, at least for turkey hunting.

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