First Archery In Schools Georgia State Shoot

Kids from across the state were invited to take part in a shoot for fun, awards and statewide bragging rights.

GON Staff | March 1, 2007

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) invited all elementary, middle, and high schools enrolled in Georgia’s National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) to the first-ever NASP State Fun Shoot.

The event was held February 24 at 12 Point Archery in Covington. Any school with NASP certified instructors was allowed to register as many four-person teams as they liked until a total of 300-shooter slots were filled.

Plaques and medals were awarded for the top three teams in each school division, and individual awards of Genesis bows went to first- and second-place overall. Every youth who participated in the event received a medal.

The event was organized by Jen Bailey, DNR’s shooting sports coordinator.

Sponsors helped with expenses and also donated items to fill goodie bags for every youth who participated. Each goodie bag included two T-shirts and other items.

The GONetwork sportsman senators funded lunch and drinks for the event, and GONetwork members spent a rewarding Saturday as they cooked and served lunch to all of the kids, coaches and other volunteers during the NASP event.

For more information on NASP in Georgia schools, contact Jen Bailey at (770) 918-6416. For information on helping getting scholarships and funding for NASP in your local schools, contact the GONetwork at (888) 866-5516.

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