Lake Russell Fishing Report March 2011

GON Staff | February 23, 2011

Russell: Level: 2.5 feet below full pool. Temp: 52 degrees. Clarity: Main lake is clear; creeks are stained.

Bass: Fair. Kerry Partain said it’s picking up a little as the water warms quickly. “The fishing seems to be a little better when there is a slight breeze pushing into the pockets. The baitfish are migrating to these pockets during the day, and the bass seem to be keying on these areas. You may have to run into several pockets or ditches to locate which ones are holding the baitfish and bass. Once you locate these areas throw the Pulse Jig and the Blade Runner rigged with a Zoom Fluke down the middle of these pockets. As the water continues to warm, you can use a jerkbait to trigger a reaction strike in these same areas. Don’t forget to pitch a Zoom Baby Brush Hog to any wood you find while fishing these areas because the fish will use this cover as they begin preparing for the spawn.”

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