Lake Russell Fishing Report – June 2006

GON Staff | May 23, 2006

Level: 1.1 feet below full pool. Temps: 69-71 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Fair. The middle-lake bite during the day is getting tougher as the water warms and the largemouths begin to make a move to a summer pattern. You can still catch them on the shoal markers with a Carolina-rigged Trick Worm or U-Tail worm in green pumpkin. Soon, the largemouths will move out and suspend in the main-lake timber, and then it gets tough except very early and late, and at night, when you can catch a few on the ends of long points with crankbaits and slow-rolled spinnerbaits. An alternative is to fish the south end toward the dam for spotted bass using fast topwater tactics like a Spook or Fluke, or fish a drop-shot rig or Finesse worm where you are marking bait on the main-lake points and humps.

Crappie: Fair at night while using a light. Concentrate on brush 10- to 18-feet deep, and use minnows. The bridges can also be good at night

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