Lake Russell Fishing Report January 2016

GON Staff | December 22, 2015

Russell: Level: 1 foot below full pool, but the water level is fluctuating daily with the other lakes dropping for winter draw down. Temp: 58-60 degrees.

Clarity: Clear with stain in the creeks.

Bass: Tournament angler Kerry Partain reports, “The bass are suspending more than usual and not feeding as heavy as normal with water temps still near 60 degrees. We have been fishing several patterns the last few weeks, so keep moving around until you locate the baitfish, and then slow down and work the area good because the bass are finicky right now. The Carolina rig and drop shot are the best baits right now for numbers of fish, and you can catch a few of the bigger bass on jigs around 20 to 25 feet on primary and secondary points in the creeks and major pockets off the main lake. There are a few fish deep in the creek channels and ditches, so keep a jigging spoon close by because as the water cools this will be improving.”

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