Tournament Reports: July 2022

Brad Gill | June 30, 2022

Above: The top-10 high-school teams from the June 3-4 Georgia B.A.S.S. Nation State Classic on Hartwell. Below: River Huffman and Robbie Barter won the Junior Division with an impressive two-day total weight of 35.03 pounds.


Lance Collins won the end-of-the year ABA-AFT 72 event on Sinclair and Oconee.

Table 1
DateTrailLake—RampContact No.
7/09Reel MoneyEufaula, Chewalla334.714.5417
7/09-10ABA-AFT Division 99West Point, Highland Marina404.862.4233
7/30ABA Open SeriesHartwell, Green Pond256.497.0967


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