Bass Tournament Reports March 2005

GON Staff | March 1, 2005

February 13: Valleys, Seminole

Prior to the latest Valley tournament, word around Lake Seminole was that fishing was tough. However, at Valley’s February 13 event, a few fish decided to bite.

Greg Gaston of Thomasville and Rob Newell put five keepers in the boat that weighed 20.40 pounds. They collected $3,000 for the finish.

Terry Stevens and David Johnson, both from Marianna, Fla., had five fish that went 19.26 pounds. Second place paid out $400.

Big fish in the tournament went to the Monticello team of Hal Harris and Tom Kelly, for a 6.91-pounder that was worth $400.


February 12: R&R, Seminole

Three 20-lb. sacks led this Seminole tournament, held the day before Valley’s tourney.

First place went to Craig Reynolds of Bonifay, Fla. and Shane Bush of Graceville, Fla. The team had 25.55 pounds, which included the best fish of the tournament — an 8.43-lb. hawg. For the win and big fish, Craig and Shane won $3,500.

Jerry Simmons of Donalsonville and Darryl Stewart of Slocumb, Ala. finished second with 21.36 pounds.

“They were throwing Carolina rigs, jigs and drop shots along 15- to 20-foot deep grass edges in Spring Creek,” said tournament director Russ Ferguson.

With 20.41 pounds, the team of John Pearson of Perry and Trey Rhodes from Newnan finished third.

“Crawfish-colored Rat-L-Traps along three- to six-foot deep grasslines in lower Spring Creek is what they said they were doing,” said Russ.


February 12: Three Trails Hit Sinclair In One Day

Berry’s tournament attracted 67 teams to fish. Willie and Wayne McMullen, a team from Covington, smoked the field with five fish that weighed 21.03 pounds.

“They used crankbaits and jig ‘n pigs around docks in two to five feet of water,” said tournament director Bobby Berry. The team won $2,400.

Second place went to Jack Brown of Covington and Terry Adams of McDonough. They only had three fish, but their bag included an 8.29-pounder. For big fish and second place, they ended up collecting $1,870.

“They threw crankbaits and jigs on rocks and docks in 10 to 15 feet of water,” said Bobby. “The 8.29-lb. fish was caught with a crankbait on rocks.”

The north division of the Fishers of Men trail was also on Sinclair that Saturday, and they attracted 36 boats.

Ty King and Joey Stanfield, both from Loganville, won first place with 11.61 pounds. They won $900.

“They were throwing crankbaits in 12 to 15 feet of water,” said tournament director Joe Tanner.

Southern Bassin’ Couples drew 18 boats, and it took 11.37 pounds to win. Michael and Patti Brock of Acworth took top honors with only four fish. The team had “His Big Fish” with a 5.48-pounder. The big fish came on a spinnerbait fished over some rocks. They won $600.


February 12: BFL Sav., Clarks Hill

Keith Williamson of Lincolnton won the first BFL Savannah River Division tournament of the year. He had five Clarks Hill bass that went 18-lbs., 12-ozs. Keith was fishing deep ditches with Zoom Flukes and Buckeye jigs.

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