Truck-Buck Week 4 Results 2016-2017

Final results after Tifton and Madison scoring events. Winners will be contacted by GON the week of March 27.

GON Staff | February 28, 2017

Week 4 North (Oct. 1-6)
1. David Prince, (c), Crawford Co., *159 0/8
2. Bobby Hendrick, (b), Oglethorpe Co., 112 3/8
3. Hunter Galloway, (pl) (b), Fannin Co., 98 6/8

David Prince, Crawford Co., *159 0/8 Non-typical

Week 4 South (Oct. 1-6)
1. Randy Carlton, (b), Terrell Co., 142 3/8

Randy Carlton, Terrell Co., 142 3/8

Key: (*) non-typical; (pl) public-land; (b) bow-kill; (c) crossbow

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