Pete Boshart Wins The 26th Chevy Pickup In Truck-Buck

GON's annual big-buck contest culminates with a pellet-rifle competition held during the Outdoor Blast.

Daryl Kirby | July 31, 2015

A truck was left sitting at a brother’s house in the Atlanta area after this year’s Truck-Buck Shoot-Out. This year’s winner, Pete Boshart, didn’t think he had a chance to actually win the grand-prize truck in GON’s big-buck contest. He didn’t have a plan to get a new truck home if he did win.

Well, Pete did win, and now he’ll have to arrange a special trip back up from Pelham to get his old truck—that new truck went home with him!

The 26th annual Truck-Buck Shoot-Out was without a doubt the strangest competition we’ve ever had, with an unusual number of early misses from competitors who were very accurate during practice that morning.

Not taking anything away from Pete’s accomplishment, but the competition was over in the fourth round shooting at the midi skeet at 60 feet. Compare that to last year, when seven shooters made it to the seventh round and shot at the egg from 60 feet.

GON’s Truck-Buck Shoot-Out was held Saturday and Sunday, July 25-26 during the Outdoor Blast at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth. On Saturday, there were heads-up, one-against-one matches between Northern Zone vs. Southern Zone winners from each week of last deer season and in four wildcard categories. The winners of the Saturday heads-up matches moved on to Sunday’s finals for a chance at the truck and 4-wheeler. The heads-up winners for the 17 weeks of deer season also earned either a Mathews bow, a CVA muzzleloader or a Browning deer rifle.

Another year of Truck-Buck begins on opening day of archery season. GON and John Megel Chevrolet will again hand over the keys to a new truck for the 27th time. Turn to page 70 for more information, or visit

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