GON November 2021 Issue

GON Staff | November 3, 2021

GON November 2021
Volume 35, No. 11

November Feature Articles

Trappers For Hire — Statewide List
Help for wildlife managers who have predator issues.  

Blue Ridge November Bass Trifecta
This mountain lake is your best chance to catch smallmouth and largemouth to go along with great spotted bass action. 

Georgia Duck Hunting Forecast
COVID canceled the counts again, but national duck numbers rarely impact Georgia hunting anyway, where woodies are key. 

The First Lady Of Georgia Turkey Hunting
At a spry 95, Doris Forrester has a story to tell.

From Acorns To Mighty Oaks
Provide generations of wildlife food by growing oak trees using preferred acorns or from oak species not found on your land.

Reports From The Georgia Deer Woods
Hunt advisors give tips for how to hunt the rut.

“The Trembling”
Part 4 of GON’s five-part fall fiction series.

Jugging For Cats And Kids
Fill the freezer with catfish fillets while the kids have a great time.

Truck-Buck Contest Entries
Great Georgia bucks continue to be entered in GON’s big-buck contest!

Big Bass Are Back At Ocmulgee PFA
With incredible growth rates, this public lake shines for big bass.

Why I Hunt
A Georgia veterinarian had to answer to classmates who couldn’t believe the same man going to school to save animals would also hunt them.

November 2021 News

Youth Big-Buck Contest Entries

Buying Your Own Hunting Land Series: Beware Codes And Regulations

Message In A Bottle Found In Georgia River

Truck-Buck Deer Scoring Dates Set

The McDuffie County Miracle Buck

Outdoor Kicks & Grins: The Dam River Rats

Dial A Tracking Dog

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories
30 Years Ago: Mature Bucks Rather Fight Than Mate
Ben Rodger Lee Killed In Car Accident
20 Years Ago: Sense About Scents—Drag Rags, Mock Scrapes and Scent Lures


November 2021 Departments

Letters To The Editor

Wild In The Kitchen: Smoked Venison Neck Roast

Fishing Reports

Hunter’s Journal: Kelly Brookins Jr.

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy-Cam

Scrapbook Photos

GON Outdoor Kids: Give The Kid Some Rope And Hush Your Mouth

Kids Outdoor Outpost And Word Search

Game Warden Reports

Editorial-Opinion: First Deer, Last Deer

Daryl Gay’s Back Page: What A Drag

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