GON January 2011 Issue

GON Staff | January 1, 2011

January 2011 Feature Articles

Hogs… And The Tactics To Put ’Em In a Hog Hearse
Some consider wild hogs a curse, but they are expanding their range and are apparently here to stay. They’re also fun to stalk. And tasty. Here’s a great article by Glen Solomon.

Call Of Coon Hounds Is True Mountain Music
North Georgia hunters continue a passionate tradition shaped by endless nights and good dogs past and present.

Big Carters Spotted Bass On The Float-N-Fly
Guide Louie Bartenfield marks a map with 10 January locations and details a hot and unusual bass-fishing technique.

Weiss Stripers On The Trolling Bite
There’s no need for live bait this month as big schools of stripers patrol the river-channel ledges, and fish are eager to slam plugs and lures.

January Is Prime For Big Bass On Jackson
Rock exposed by low lake levels will warm quickly under a little sun-shine, and this draws big bass shallow for a super winter pattern.

State Buys Big Chunk Of Oaky Woods WMA


January 2011 News

13-Year-Old Girl Kills 750-lb. Hog In Montgomery County

Southwest Georgia Shotguns Rigged To Fire Remotely

Outdoorsman Mark Williams Named DNR Commissioner

Three-Legged Buck Grows Strange, Huge Rack

Bucks Lock Antlers, Down In Pond

DNR Proposes Fees For Non-hunters On Some WMAs

Days GON By: Big Change For GON In 1999; Millsaps Wins BASS Invitational On Lake Martin


January 2011 Departments

Letters To The Editor: GON Member First Sgt. John David Blair Killed In Action

Fishing Reports

Wild In The Kitchen: Venison Meatloaf

Hunter’s Journal: Hannah’s First Deer With A Bow

Tournament Reports: C&R Seminole Results; Kip Carter Leads Power Rankings

Kids Outdoor Outpost And Word Search: Planning For A New Year

Game Warden Reports: Turkey Shot From Road At 150 Yards With Rifle

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy-Cam



Daryl Gay’s Back Page: A Recipe for…. Jackass?

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