SPRO’s Wave Tail Grub Appeals To All Five Fish Senses

Press Release | May 22, 2022

For decades, grubs have been in anglers’ tackle boxes for one simple reason – they catch fish! Spro’s new Wave Tail Grub takes the basic shape of a traditional curl-trail grub and improves every aspect. With these modifications, the Wave Tail Grub is highly effective throughout the year in freshwater and saltwater applications.

The Wave Tail Grub is the ultimate combination of durability and attraction. Made from premium Japanese plastics, it holds up well to hard-fighting and toothy fish. In addition, it’s infused with a heavy dose of Amino Bite Scent. Spro’s Amino Bite Scent is long-lasting and can be reactivated with a simple stretch of the bait.

The oversized curly tail and ribbed body provide a life-like action when fished alone on a jig head or as a trailer on a spinnerbait or Chatterbait. The Wave Tail is also a perfect match with any SPRO Bucktail. There are seemingly unlimited ways to fish it effectively.

Available in 25 proven colors, anglers have unlimited combinations at their disposal for a particular application and species. Alongside the many color options, the Wave Tail Grub comes in three different sizes–3”, 4.25”, and 6”. SPRO’s innovation is second to none when it comes to providing anglers with all the essential baits to be effective on any body of water at any time.

SPRO Wave Tail Grub Features:
  • Size: 3″, 4.25″ and 6″
  • Available in 25 colors, from natural to bright and flashy
  • Extra-durable Plastic Formulation
  • Amino Bite Scent



We are Sports Professionals. SPRO works with America’s best anglers to design the world’s finest fishing tackle. Using cutting-edge technology and innovation, SPRO leads the way in developing the highest quality premium fishing equipment available.

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