Topflight Decoys By Avian-X

Deceive ducks with Ultra-Realistic Topflight Decoys

Press Release | December 2, 2020

At Avian-X, designing a decoy as real-looking as the ducks flying overhead, requires carefully observing wild ducks and commissioning the world’s best decoy carvers to craft true-to-life models. From dabblers to divers, there’s a Topflight decoy for every duck hunter.


Above the water, Topflight decoys employ the precise size and shape, realistic postures, and intricate feather details of real ducks that’ll fool even the weariest waterfowl. Below the water, a weight-forward swim keel design creates authentic movement on the water. Snap the line through the integrated swim clip and let the wind and waves do the rest. Topflight decoy’s tough rubberized construction and no-flake paint ensure trouble-free durability for years in the field.


Little things make a big difference when decoying shy ducks. Topflight decoys come in sixteen different packs, mimicking specific species, habitats and seasons of the ducks you hunt. Early and late season Teal and Mallard packs match the plumage of ducks at that time of year-drab early on and in full-color plumage later in the fall. Open, and Backwater packs vary the head positions with a higher head in the open versus a lower feeding position in the back. Fusion packs add variety to any decoy spread with six unique decoys, including a mix of drakes and hens. Magnum-sized diver decoys ride naturally over the waves thanks to their broad base.
Avian-X Topflight decoys sell in 6-packs and include packs for Mallards, Black Ducks, Widgeon, Gadwall, Blue-winged Teal, Green-winged Teal, Pintail, Wood Ducks, Bluebills, Canvasbacks and Redheads.


Topflight Decoy Features:
  • Realistic size, shape, color, and detail
  • Weight forward swim keel for realistic movement
  • No-chip paint
  • Tough rubberized construction
  • Sold in 6-packs

Topflight Mallards Open Water Pack includes:
Low-Head Drakes (2), High-Head Drakes (2), Swimmer Hen, High-Head Hen

Topflight Mallards Backwater Pack includes:
Surface Feeder Drakes (2), Feeder Drakes (2), Feeder Hens (2)

Topflight Mallards Early Season Pack includes:
Swimmer Drakes (2), Feeder Drake, Feeder Hen, Swimmer Hen, High-Head Drake

Topflight Mallards Late Season Pack includes:
Low-Head Drakes (2), Rester Drakes (2), Rester Hens (2)

Topflight Mallards Fusion Pack includes:
Surface Feeder Hen, Surface Feeder Drake, Swimmer Hen, Low-Head Drake, High-Head Hen, High-Head Drake

Topflight Black Ducks includes:
Feeder Hen, Feeder Drake, Swimmer Hen, Swimmer Drake, High-Head Drake, High-Head Hen

Topflight Wigeon includes:
Low-Head Drakes (2), High-Head Hens (2), High-Head Drakes (2)

Topflight Gadwall includes: Low-Head Drakes (2), Low-Head Hens (2), High-Head Drakes (2)

Topflight Blue-Winged Teal includes: Feeder Drakes (2), Low-Head Drakes (2), Feeder Hen, Low-Head Hen

Topflight Green-Winged Teal includes: Feeder Drakes (2), Low-Head Drakes (2), Feeder Hen, Low-Head Hen

Topflight Teal Early Season Pack includes: Blue-Winged Swimmer, Green-Winged Swimmer, Green-Winged Feeders, Blue-Winged Feeders

Topflight Pintail includes: Feeder Drakes (2), Low-Head Hens (2), Low-Head Drakes (2)

Topflight Wood Ducks includes: Low-Head Drakes (2), Low-Head Hens (2), High-Head Drakes (2)

Topflight Canvasbacks includes: Low-Head Hens (2), Low-Head Bulls (2), Sleeper Hen, Sleeper Bull

Topflight Bluebills includes: High-Head Drakes (2), Low-Head Drakes (2), High-Head Hen, Low-Head Hen

Topflight Redheads includes: Low-Head Hens (2), Low-Head Drakes (2), Sleeper Hen, Sleeper Drake

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