Ranew’s Outdoors Hanging Judge

Gambrel and digital scale makes deer processing and management easy.

Press Release | November 7, 2020

Milner, GA – Folks are increasingly growing, harvesting and processing their own food, particularly all-natural organic protein like venison. Meanwhile, modern hunter-conservationists are getting more serious about managing their land and the animals on it. Whether it’s part of a serious management program or merely to see who wins bragging rights, everyone wants to know how much their deer weighs.

For those who process their own game, Ranew’s Outdoors Hanging Judge Gambrel allows a secure way to hang, weigh, skin and quarter large game at a convenient height that won’t hurt your back. Ranew’s Outdoor Hanging Judge Gambrel keeps the carcass suspended off the ground to ensure the meat stays clean. That’s only part of the convenience and utility of this unique device.


The heavy duty electronic scale and gambrel combo allows the hunter to measure live weight and dressed weight and continue skinning or processing the animal without worry of damaging the scale. This removes the hassle of raising and lowering the animal to remove the scale between steps. Definitely a time and back saver!

Even if you don’t process your own deer, Ranew’s Outdoors Gambrel and Scale offers an easy means for taking digitally accurate live and dressed weights. In the short term it helps you assess the general condition of your herd. Over the long term you can better judge how habitat management programs like food plots may influence deer weights.

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment offers the ideal equipment to make your food plot planting easier and more effective. Ranew’s is ready to serve all your hunting and agriculture needs across the USA and abroad. Today, Ranew’s headquarters stands on the original two acre tract acquired for the move to Milner. In addition, the surrounding 30+ acres were acquired over the years and are now the home of three manufacturing divisions, a warehouse, 60+ dedicated employees and a customer base which includes local, state, national and international companies.

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