Sportsman Condo Side-By-Side Offers Hunting For Two

GON Staff | December 11, 2015

Are you looking for that perfect tripod stand for two? A hunting spot and a stand where your spouse, girlfriend or child can join you?

Sportsman Condo has a new take on a tripod style blind that can be customized to fit
a hunter’s needs depending upon their budget, free time and experience level.

The unique design provides a strong, long-lasting platform for outdoor concealment with multiple configurations possible. Hunters can go as simple or as sophisticated as you want.

The Side-by -Side features include:

  • A 48-by-72 inch all steel powder-coated frame made from 11-gauge steel.
  • The stand is elevated using 4×4 posts. The stand may be elevated up to 10-feet.
  • The two front legs act as the entry ladder. Proper leg angles are configured into the frame.
  • Includes two 360-degree swivel chairs in hunter green.
  • 2-by-4-foot sleeves allow attaching a safety/shooting rail.
  • Use as a simple, open tripod configuration, or wrap in camo material, or make a half enclosed blind and add a top. A molded roof accessory is available.
  • It is truly designed for the do-it-yourself crowd.
  • The Side-by-Side has a retail price of $399. It also includes an entry/exit handle that can be placed in any location depending upon your needs.

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