Give Your Herd Maximum Antler Growth, Body Weights

GON Staff | August 11, 2016

Antler Boost’s ACCELERATE Food Plot Formula is designed to produce maximum antler growth, body weights and milk production in your does.

ACCELERATE is a blend of three carefully selected perennial seed varieties developed after more than 10 years of planting experience. These seed varieties are Antler Growth red clover, Antler Growth chicory, and Attraction white clover. Antler Boost says they feature red clover and chicory because those forages are high in by-pass protein, which is a key to deer growth.

“We sprinkle in a little of our white clover because it is such a strong attractant. ACCELERATE can produce up to 5 tons of food per 1/2 acre in a year’s time,” the company says. “ACCELERATE is the formula you want to choose if you want to add inches of antler, body weight and more milk for your fawns.”

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