SOIL BOOST Makes Food Plots Grow Over The Entire Season

GON Staff | August 3, 2016

Antler Boost’s SOIL BOOST is a one-of-a-kind, complete plot fertilizer for your food plots and fruit/nut trees. You can also use it on your shrubs, flowers and lawn at home.

SOIL BOOST is easy to apply and highly effective at fixing your soil so that your soil can feed your food plot plants. SOIL BOOST is not a simple, water-soluble synthetic fertilizer like you see in many other liquid fertilizer products. Synthetic fertilizer is not what makes plants grow over an entire growing season—the natural ingredients that make up 89 percent of SOIL BOOST are what boost your soil and makes your plants grow for months after application. Antler Boost says they searched for 12 years throughout the industry until they found SOIL BOOST and have documented much better results than synthetic-only fertilizers or incomplete natural fertilizers.

Antler Boost offers an exciting line of Food Plot Systems that are sure to get you the best bang for your buck. Their products are touted as cost effective and deliver time and time again with outstanding results.

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