Pritch Morgan’s Mother Sends Letter

GON Staff | June 17, 1989

Pritch Morgan was killed last Oct. 9 in Oglethorpe County. As he made his way to his bow stand, Pritch was shot by a man with a rifle in the woods during archery season.

In the wake of that tragedy, Georgia hunters demanded that laws be strengthened to harshly deal with criminal acts committed in the hunting woods. Those demands were met when Gov. Joe Frank Harris signed into law, H.B. 494, the Pritch Morgan Bill.

Eddie George Nation, of Comer, charged with Pritch’s death, was scheduled for trial this month. His attorney has moved to transfer the trial out of Oglethorpe County. 

Included here is a letter from Pritch Morgan’s mother. Let us hope this is the last such letter a hunter’s mother has to write.

Pritch Morgan

Dear GON,

Thank you for all that you have done in Pritch’s memory for the hunters and families and friends of hunters of our state. We appreciate the  picture you sent and the copies of the Georgia Outdoor News showing the ceremonial signing of House Bill 494. We always think of it as “The Pritch Morgan Bill.”

The hours, days, weeks and months of work you, Rep. Howard Rainey, the lawyers of the Game and Fish Department of Natural Resources, Director Leon Kirkland, Jerry McCollum of the Georgia Wildlife Federation, the legislators who voted for the bill, the all of you who signed a petition and/or called his legislator—each and every one deserves credit for assisting in establishing this new law, long overdue. It reinforces the care and respect which must be shown for human life. It is a good and just law which we believe will encourage the kind of caution required to help others avoid the grief we experience continually.

Thank you, GON.

Yours sincerely with great appreciation and deep affection.

Martha Morgan 

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