Very Special Hunt Yields Huge 13-point Buck

Outdoors Without Limits continues to do good works. A giant buck taken during Madison County event was a special bonus.

Jordan Davis | November 17, 2015

Outdoors Without Limits recently hosted a deer hunt in Madison County near Comer. During this hunt, Kris Ann Alexander had the opportunity to shoot a monster 13-point buck that green-scored a total of 168 1/8 inches.

Outdoors Without Limits (OWL) creates opportunities for people who are now limited in pursuing their outdoor hobbies due to injury or illness. This organization also caters to those who were born with disabilities but never had the chance to experience the outdoors, until now.

“It’s not about setting the hook or pulling the trigger,” says founder Kirk Thomas. “It is about breaking down barriers and allowing people this experience.”

Kirk is in a wheelchair after being struck by a falling tree as he was leaving his deer stand in 1992.

During each hunt, participants are placed with a guide to be an aid to anything they may need.

On Nov. 7, Kris Ann, of Comer, finally got her chance at a big buck after participating in OWL hunts since 2007. Kris Ann was injured during a fall from her deer stand in 1999. However, she has not let that take away her love for the outdoors.

Kris Ann and her guide, Henry Mack, got in the stand the evening of Nov. 6 and patiently began waiting. The duo saw a big deer on the property adjacent to her stand but had to let it walk.

Around 2:30 the next afternoon, Kris Ann and Henry headed back to the same blind. After waiting for quite some time, a doe appeared and shortly behind her a buck came into sight.

“He went straight to her,” said Kris Ann.

The first shot Kris Ann fired missed the buck, but luckily he turned around, and she was able to get off another shot.

“I was beyond excited,” said Kris Ann. “This is my first buck with OWL.”

OWL hosts other wild game hunts across the Southeast, such as dove and hog hunts, along with fishing tournaments.

“A big catch or kill is just the icing on the cake for these guys,” said Kirk. “It’s a great chance for volunteers, participants and everyone involved to enjoy a weekend of hunting and making new friends.”

For more information about registering for upcoming hunts in Georgia, Kirk Thomas can be reached at [email protected]. Visit to learn more about OWL’s national efforts.


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